My Binto: The Female Supplement Subscription Get $10.00 off  |  AMGR – A Modern Girl Recommends

My Binto: The Female Supplement Get $10.00 Off  |  AMGR – A Modern Girl Recommends

For the empowering modern lady making her climb to success, for the women that wants the best and wants to know where the best derives from, for the health driven lady, the mother, the sister, the daughter, the friend, the wife and to the future you My Binto is going to help keep you focused and moving forward mentally and physically strong to meet the new you. My Binto is a woman created vitamin supplement subscription plan for women only sorry fellas that only gives women what we need and leaves out all the stuff we don’t and if you want to get $10.00 off your first My Binto subscription stay tuned for all the details.

Your Way

My Binto: The Female Supplement Get $10.00 Off  |  AMGR – A Modern Girl Recommends

We can buy vitamins at our local vitamin or grocery stores, but we tend to stick to the basics, you know the vitamins A, B, C, D’s and so on, but most of us do not realize that our bodies need more, what might be good for Jack and Jane might not be giving your body what it’s relentlessly calling for and that’s where My Binto comes in they create a supplement plan that’s formulated just for you and what makes this supplement subscription so great is My Binto formulates their vitamins in a way where the body will actually absorb them and you can get the full benefits unlike some vitamins we take tend to go straight from the month and pretty much into the toilet leaving very little benefits behind. The My Binto Subscription also features a probiotic that’s an organic prebiotic blend which helps to support women’s mental, gut and flora vaginal health.

Convenience on the go

My Binto: The Female Supplement Get $10.00  Off  |  AMGR – A Modern Girl Recommends

My Binto is making it super easy to make sure we get all of our vitamins in for the day, whether we’re at home or on the go thanks to their cute slim packaging that can fit right into our pockets or bags for the day or even drop a few in our travel bag and take on vacay.

Get the Facts

My Binto: The Female Supplement Get $10.00  Off  |  AMGR – A Modern Girl Recommends

Each My Binto subscription comes with a little envelope that features all the need-to-know facts about the supplements in your pack. Every supplement pack will feature the My Binto Probiotic, a specially formulated multi-vitamin and a DHA Omega 3 supplement these are the base vitamins that all My Binto subscribers will receive and My Binto will then build from there the other essential supplements they match with your profile. Each My Binto subscriber will also be given their own online personal nurse that can help you with questions regarding your supplements, if you want to change things up a bit or questions about your subscription.

How to get Started with My Binto

My Binto: The Female Supplement Get $10.00 Off   |  AMGR – A Modern Girl Recommends

To sign up for the My Binto Supplement subscription plan all you have to do is log on to and take a short survey about your cycle, what you struggle with and what you’re working towards health wise. Each My Binto subscription cost $35.00 a month and includes shipping and handling. Each month your subscription will automatically renew and if you need a break, you can pause your subscription or if you need your vitamins sooner you can request a rush shipment. You as a subscriber can cancel your subscription anytime.

Want a deal?

My Binto: The Female Supplement Get $10.00 Off   |  AMGR – A Modern Girl Recommends

Shop the post

If you’re interested in subscribing to My Binto AMGR site visitors can get $10.00 off their first bag by clicking on the following link here making your first bag, $25.00 and afterwards the subscription will be $35.00 a month and you can pause, rush or cancel anytime. The discount will be applied automatically during checkout and is for new subscribers only.

Disclosure: My Binto:The Female Supplement Subscription Get $10.00 off editorial you have just read featured on AMGR – A Modern Girl Recommends website contains views and opinions that are of my own, and in no way dictated, affiliated or drawn through any retailers influence. This post may contain affiliate links you as the reader, subscriber or site visitor will not be charged anything for clicking on these links, they are direct links to products mentioned within the post I will however receive a percentage of the cost of your purchase from the retailer.


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