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Are you on the hunt for the perfect work bag you know, the one that’s stylish, modern and actually usable well, we here at AMGR have complied a list of eleven beautiful work bags for every modern gals budget and here they are.

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Madewell Transport Tote

Simplicity + Beauty

$168.00 @

Looking for a work bag that’s well made, can carry pretty much all your work gear right along with those personal everyday must haves, check out Madewell’s Transport Tote it’s chic,  you can carry your laptop, iPad, work folders, and even your planner and much more in this stylish tote that’s available in the colors Black and English Saddle. The Transport tote is an open tote for easy in-and-out access.

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Sqlp Fashion Women’s Leather Waterproof Shoulder Bag Tote

Attitude + Beauty & Strength

 $33.98 @

Are you on the hunt for a stylish work bag, but you do not want to break the bank try out this amazon find that offers beauty, style and is built to handle all of your work gear from your laptop to files, binders and even your lunch bag as well this is the perfect affordable work bag and did we forget to mention that it’s available in an array of colors.

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Shonda Roberts | Faux Leather Top Handle Bag

No fuss, just compact & chic

$100.00 @ Nordstrom’s

If you’re looking for a work bag that’s not going to weigh you down and you just want to carry your basic needs for the job check out our next work bag for the modern gal by Shonda Roberts it’s big enough to hold your tablet, your beloved planner, phone, makeup bag and other handbag must haves and it features a strap to carry crossbody or on your shoulder or ditch the strap altogether and just carry this bag by the handles.

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Marc Jacobs | The Tag 27 Tote

Airy, fun and on the run

$395.00 @

Looking for a fun work bag with an iconic name attached to it check out the Tag 27 Tote by Marc Jacobs in the color Rock Grey this shoulder bag helps the modern gal tote her work essentials her entrepreneur gear from business meeting to business meeting and is the perfect non-shocking pop of color for any business attire.

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Jemma Bag | EMMA Work Bag in Crimson Red

For the serious, daring and in charge

$398.00 @

Is beauty, strength and a bag that holds it all neatly what you’re looking for in your dream work bag, then put the Jemma Emma Work Bag on your list it holds, your laptop, tablet, wallet, phone, planner, files and everything fits perfectly in its designated place. The Jemma Emma Work Bag is the ultimate work bag because it delivers, beauty, need, function and makes organizing a breeze thanks to its innovative design. You can carry the Jemma Emma Work bag two ways by the strap or handles.

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Calpak | Kaya Faux Leather 15-Inch Laptop Backpack

Easy Fast Beauty

$88.00 @

If you’re always on the run, your office is anywhere and everywhere check the Calpak Kaya Backpack you can tote your laptop and all the main essentials you need wherever your work day takes you. This backpack has a separate section for a 15-inch laptop and separate areas for chargers and other essentials.

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Everlane |  The Form Bag

Security + Modern Beauty

$235.00 @

The Form Bag by Everlane is one of our top favorites because this work bag is perfect for the minimalist it’s a spacious work bag made of Italian leather and features a sleek powerhouse design that offers a secure hidden magnetic closure. The Form Bag will hold a 13″ laptop or a tablet and the adjustable strap allows for one to wear on the shoulder or crossbody style.

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom’

Tory Burch | Gemini Link Coated Canvas Tote – Black

Structure & Elegance

$258.00 @

Any Tory Burch fans? If so, you just might want to think about purchasing her Gemini Link Coated Canvas Tote as a work bag this is one of those versatile totes that you can take from work to play and we love it because it’s structured and you can easily have access to all of your work essentials quickly because it’s an open tote.

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WIWU 17.3 Inch Multi Functional Travel Rucksack Water Resistant Convertible Laptop Backpack

The Nomad

$41.99 @

Another bag that’s all about simplicity, style and movement the WIWU Multi Functional Travel Rucksack is a unisex bag that’s perfect for not only work, but travel as well. This bag can be worn three different ways from a backpack, shoulder bag or carried using just the handles and because of its functional design, it provides easy access to all your work essentials and brings organization to a new level. We love this bag, because it does not weigh one down, opens up nicely and makes finding what you need quite easy.

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Smythson | Kingly North South Tote

Treat yourself

$950.00 @

If you have a taste for something luxurious and you’re not afraid to break the bank, check out the stunning Smythson Kingly North South Tote, because this work bag is totally worth it. It is stylish and perfect for the fashion work driven diva that needs only a few things to rock the world of business.

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Forever 21 2-in-1 Faux Leather Woven Tote

Beauty + Style on a budget

$23.99 @

Are you looking for just a cute, simple but stylish work bag without the insane price tag look no further than this cute Forever 21 2-in-1 Faux Leather Woven Tote it holds your laptop and tablet and still gives off a nice quality vibe without the huge price tag. It features a durable shoulder strap and fits in nicely with work attire.

And those are our picks for Work Bags For the Modern Gal leave a comment down below about which one is your fave.


BTW Disclosure: Work Bags For the Modern Gal editorial you have just read featured on A Modern Girl Recommends website contains views and opinions that are of our own, and in no way dictated, affiliated or drawn through any retailers influence. This post may contain affiliate links you as the reader, subscriber or site visitor will not be charged anything for clicking on these links, they are direct links to products mentioned within the post AMGR will however receive a percentage of the cost of your purchase from the retailer.

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