The Collagen Thing | AMGR-A Modern Girl Recommends

The Collagen Thing | AMGR

What’s the hype with collagen supplements? We see them everywhere in our local markets, in the magazines, department stores even at some coffee shops almost everyone is taking some form of a collagen supplement, but are you still a little bit lost in this beauty jungle well, we have been digging around here at AMGR and we have come back with the report to why we all pretty much need to jump in on the collagen ride, because its super worth it and here’s why.

First, what is Collagen?

Plain and simple collagen is a protein within the human body that can be found in our bones, tendons, skin, connective tissues and our muscles and is one-third of the protein in our entire body so it’s pretty much the substance that holds the body together by providing structure as well as strength. There are two forms of collagen that we should know about one is Endogenous collagen, which is the natural collagen that is synthesized by the body and the other collagen is Exogenous Collagen, which is an outside source of collagen this form of collagen we typically find in beauty products and supplements.

What else do we need to know about collagen?

As we age, the body will produce less collagen causing the structural integrity of the skin to breakdown and this is when the signs of aging start to creep in and wrinkles become more visible and during this time the joint cartilage will start to weaken as well. Women, in particular begin to experience a dramatic loss of collagen after menopause. Collagen production will decline with age as we know, but did you also know that collagen will also decline with prolonged exposure to the sun and of course smoking and even sitting under those UV lights.

So what can one do to slow collagen loss?

  • A proper diet can boost collagen production.
  • Rest getting those eight hours of sleep can dramatically help collagen production.
  • Adding a collagen supplement.
  • Water, water, water and then more water.
  • Vitamins that are geared towards collagen production like vitamin C.

What are the benefits of taking Collagen?

Collagen offers numerous benefits, but just to name a few Collagen.

  • Helps supports firmer skin with continued use.
  • Collagen offers joint as well as tendon support.
  • Promotes skin hydration.
  • Bone support.
  • It has been reported that collagen has been beneficial in aiding in decreasing the painful symptoms and at the same time improving the joint function in individuals who suffer from osteoarthritis.

Boosting our Collagen with food

The Collagen Thing | AMGR

  • Salmon, mackerel & tuna are high in Omega-3’s and can help to plump up one’s cells, leaving them fuller with bounce creating a more youthful appearance.
  • Dark green vegetables like spinach, kale and greens are a great source of vitamin C which can boost collagen production and protect against free radicals to aid in preventing the breakdown of collagen.
  • Orange vegetables contain high levels of vitamin A, which can restore and regenerate damaged collagen.
  • Red vegetables can also help boost collagen production simply because they offer the beautiful benefit of sun protection vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and beets contain an antioxidant named lycopene which acts as a natural sunblock that protects the skin from sun damage all the while boosting one’s collagen levels.
  • Citrus fruits contain high levels of vitamin C which can help boost collagen production.
  • Berries like raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries are packed with antioxidants that work to fend off those pesky free-radicals and boosts collagen production.
  • Egg whites are high in amino acids, Glycine and Proline, which could help give the body the amino acids it needs to build collagen.
  • Oysters provide a rich source of zinc which is an essential element of the collagen-building process and Oysters are also full of vitamin B12 as well as iron.
  • Garlic lovers rejoice, because garlic can boost collagen production. Garlic is considered one of the best sources of sulfur, which just so happens to be very necessary for collagen production in the body.

Finally, let’s talk collagen supplements

Adding collagen supplements to your vitamin regimen can be pretty easy, but finding the right one for you can be somewhat of a hunt, but luckily we as the consumer has numerous options out there on the market and AMGR is going to break down some of the different types.

The Collagen Thing | AMGR

The Collagen Thing | AMGR

Drink it up!

The first Collagen supplement that we’re going to look at is a liquid form of collagen and this is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your collagen supplement in it requires no mixing or measuring, just open a bottle, drink it up and you’ve got your collagen supplement for the day. This form of collagen does tend to run on the higher priced side, but if you’re looking for convenience or you can’t stand taking supplements in pill form then this is a great option.

The Collagen Thing | AMGR

Bone Broth

Collagen supplements can also be found in the form of Bone broths and we love this form of collagen supplement it comes in a powder form and can easily be enjoyed on its own or mixed into your favorite recipes like soups, winter stews and other savory dishes and you’re still getting all the great benefits that a collagen supplement has to offer.

The Collagen Thing | AMGR

Collagen with a boost

Collagen supplements are also available with a little something extra like the one pictured above to give the skin that extra pick me up with a boost of vitamins that are geared towards skin hydration, firming and radiance this type of collagen supplement can be formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin C as well as other vitamins.

The Collagen Thing | AMGR

Collagen with your Cuppa

And lastly but in no way least the fourth form of collagen supplement that we’re highlighting is a collagen infused tea and this is another great simple way of how one can add a collagen supplement into their daily vitamin routine, with this form of collagen there’s no fuss just a great cup of tea to either start your day or unwind with for the evening.

There you have it folks all the goods on The Collagen Thing. Are you guys game? Do you think that collagen supplements are just the latest hype to get you to spend more of your hard earn money or is it the real deal we want to hear from you chime in below and leave a comment.

BTW Disclosure: We here at AMGR (A Modern Girl Recommends) are not doctors, chemists or nutritionists, so before diving into any beauty trend, or taking, starting or adding any supplement or medication be smart and consult with a certified medical professional.

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