The Shelf February 2019 Read | A Modern Girl Recommends

The  Shelf February 2019 Read | A Modern Girl Recommends

What is up everyone? Happy Wednesday and we have a Shelf Read to launch for the month of February here on A Modern Girl Recommends and for this month we’re bringing in a read that’s all about the original queen of cooking Julia Child this woman bought the sass, the taste and the experience of great french and American cooking into our homes every time we tuned in and her story is truly worth reading, because it was later revealed that she was a spy want to learn more about our February Shelf Read keep scrolling on down to find out more.

My Life in France by Julia Child with Alex Prud’ homme

Julia Child was one of the original pioneers in American cooking television with her own show titled the French Chef which aired from 1963 to 1973 along with many other successful projects that followed she made cooking fun and brought on several memorable moments. This book features part of her journey of how she became the French Chef and how it all started with no experience and a leap of faith that she took with her partner in crime her husband to France in 1948. This read is truly inspiring reminding us all to follow our hearts and dreams and that’s why we love it! To join in on our February read check out the following details below.

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