The Shelf January Read  |  A Modern Girl Recommends

The Shelf January Read  |  A Modern Girl Recommends

Happy new year to everyone and the first book to kick off our Shelf Read for January 2019 is one that was a New York Times bestseller that lures the reader into a tale that showers them with glitz, glamour, thrills, foes, woes and cautions the reader that there’s danger in store for some of those characters seeking the rise so don’t get too attached to anyone too soon in this read, but what might this read be?

The Shelf January Read  |  A Modern Girl Recommends

The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee

The Thousandth Floor drops the reader into a futuristic Manhattan, where one is struck by the glitz and glamour of the  modern high-rise living in the year 2118, where the focus is all about the reach where anything becomes reachable in this futuristic read, but beware my darlings, because the rise and the fall are equally dangerous your dearest friend might just be your most lethal and your foe might just become your protector. The Thousandth Floor features characters to love, loathe and characters to fear and if this read has sparked your interest definitely pick up a copy and join in on this months Shelf Read.

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The Shelf January Read The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee  

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