The Shelf November Read | A Modern Girl Recommends

The Shelf November Read   |  A Modern Girl Recommends

Happy Wednesday just a couple more days till the weekend, but until then we have to get to the book of the month on the Shelf  if you’ve been following along you probably already know that last month on A Modern Girl Recommends I launched the Shelf on the site for the die-hard reader or for anyone who loves a great read.The October read was a little bit more on the dark side, it highlighted one man’s collection of creepy and unusual finds which was the perfect read for the month of October with Halloween and the changing of the seasons occurring, however, now that we are in November it’s all about the laughs I have picked a book that’s going to keep things simple with a touch of heart and then some but what is it? Wait for it It’s

Bossypants by Tina Fey

The Shelf November Read   |  A Modern Girl Recommends

The Shelf November Read   |  A Modern Girl Recommends

A peek inside

Bossypants gives us a look inside the world of Tina Fey from the beginning and told in typical Tina Fey style, it’s funny, truthful, bold and with great attitude this is a book that’s probably going to leave you laughing so hard it will have you crying. Whether you love her from Saturday Night Live or from the big screen Bossypants is definitely worth the read.

And if you’ve read Bossypant before, or it’s a new read for you, come join in and share your favorite parts in the comments down below or tag me on Instagram @amoderngirlrecommends using the hashtags #amoderngirlrecommends and/or #theshelfnovemberread.

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