14 Haunted Travel Destinations for the Brave | A Modern Girl Recommends

14 Haunted Travel Destinations for the Brave | A Modern Girl Recommends

Happy Halloween and welcome to A Modern Girl Recommends and for today ladies and gentlemen, we are talking ghosts and traveling in this haunting edition you’ll find 14 Haunted Travel Destinations for the Brave that truly define the word fright and what’s great about these destinations you can book a stay for a night at most of them and tour the others, but can you really handle a stay at any of them is the real question?

Photo credit Myrtles Plantation Website

1. Myrtles Plantation located in St. Francisville, Louisiana

If you’re looking for the real deal ladies and gentlemen a house that’s so haunted that the United States has deemed it one of the most haunted houses in the country, then look no further than the Myrtles Plantation and at this haunted  destination you can get up close and personal and book a stay. Many visitors and staff have reported seeing apparitions, hearing footsteps in the dead of the night, doors slamming and voices in the room when no one is around but you.

Photo credit to Wikimapia.org

2. The Bridge to Nowhere located in Azusa, CA

Might not have caught any ghostly images here, but the Bridge to Nowhere has left many feeling uneasy after hiking to the top of the trail where they find a bridge that leads to you guessed it nowhere. The traveler meets a destination that is still, eerie and isolated within nature. Many have reported that once reaching the Bridge to Nowhere they witness a shimmering, almost a mirage like image on the other side that has yet to be explained that has a bit of a magnetic effect. Others believe that the Bridge to Nowhere acts as a portal to the other side either way this mysterious bridge lands on our 14 Haunted Travel Destinations for the Brave, truly because it scares the blank out of many.

Photo credit to Arizona Leisure

Photo credit to Google

3. Tombstone, Arizona

If you’re looking for a little bit of the wild, wild west in your ghost hunting travels head on down to the historical town of Tombstone, Arizona, where you just might hear the sounds of a ghostly gunfight going on in the middle of the night, the occasional sound of horses moving around empty corrals, some western tunes, a few laughs coming from the saloon and the spirits of barkeepers still looking to serve up a glass of their finest whisky.

Photo credit historynet.com

4. Drum Barracks Museum located in Wilmington, CA

If you want to get a peek into some of the remnants of the Civil War think about heading down to Wilmington, California and checking out the old Drum Barracks museum that served as a military post in California during the Civil War and at this ghostly location, staff and guest of the museum have witnessed doors closing, heard voices of soldiers from the past and have seen apparitions of soldiers so you can get your history lesson and a fright at the same time at this haunted destination.

Photo credit of The Stanley Hotel

5. The Stanley Hotel located in Estes Park, Colorado

If you’re a fan of the movie the Shinning this next haunted destination is for you because something at this destination inspired the creation of it. The story goes that apparently while staying at the Stanley Hotel, famed writer Stephen King had encountered something so chilling it would inspire him to write the flick we know today as the Shinning. At the Stanley Hotel one never knows what they might encounter on their way back to their room while walking those eerie halls or when you rest your head on your pillow someone might be sharing that bed with you at the Stanley.

Photo credit tripadvisor.com

6. The Borden House Fall River, Massachusetts

Daddy issues? Well, we all heard the stories of Lizzie Borden and how she allegedly hacked her father while he was taking his afternoon nap in the parlor to death and then she proceeded to the upstairs where she allegedly murdered her stepmother while she was making the beds and yes, Lizzie was acquitted in the murders, however many always thought it was her and if you are looking to explore this crime case a little further and maybe get the opportunity to run into Lizzie and ask her yourself you can book a room in the Borden House, because it’s a bed and breakfast.

Photo credit Google

7. The Cecil Hotel located in Los Angeles, CA

This is one haunt you just might want to leave off your ghost hunting travels unless you’re one fearless rebel, because the Cecil Hotel has been home to two serial killers one being the Night Stalker and the other being Jack Unterweger, but the Cecil gets even creepier from there because the Black Dahlia stayed at the Cecil right before she was murdered, The Cecil Hotel is creepy and has carried its secrets from decade to decade and has left many incidents still hard to explain.

Photo credit One if by Land, Two if by Sea website

8. One If By Land, Two If By Sea located in New York, New York

If you’re looking to grab a bite while out ghost hunting this next haunt on our list of 14 Haunted Travel Destinations for the Brave is a double hitter kind of haunt it’s located in the West Village, and is the One If By Land, Two If By Sea restaurant that used to be a carriage house in 1767 that Aaron Burr used to lodge his horses along with his coach at and if Aaron Burr does not ring a bell it’s time to hit Google for a search. At this beautiful location many have reported hearing ghostly sounds, whispering throughout the restaurant along with apparitions being seen throughout the establishment.

Photo credit cape-town-active.com

9. Castle of Good Hope located in Cape Town, South Africa

If the appearance of this next haunt did not give you the heebie jeebies keep reading because the Castle of Good Hope located in Cape Town, South Africa has been dishing out ghostly encounters since the early days this castle was built in the 17th century by the Dutch Indie Company and has been the center of terrifying haunts reports of blood curdling screams have been reported probably due to that fact that torturing used to occur in the castle also footsteps and other ghostly phenomena have been reported at the castle as well.

Photo credit castlelulcorvinilor.ro

10. Corvin Castle located in Hunedoara, Romania

The next haunted destination is the Corvin Castle, which is also known as the Hunyadi Castle it was built in 1446 and is known as one of the largest castles in Europe and is described as the most haunted castle in the world with reports of ghosts who physically torture night guards and apparitions that wander the halls, but Corvin Castle is so much more because it’s also the place supposedly where the tale of the vampire originated from probably due to its notable prisoner Vlad the Impaler. He was imprisoned in the castle where he later went mad and soon after whispers of him began to spread about his unsavory activities that involved blood.

Photo credit nps.gov

11. Castillo de San Marco Located in  St. Augustine, Florida

Up next this haunted destination will take you to one of the oldest masonry forts in the continental United States Castillo de San Marco which was designed by Spanish engineer Ignacio Daza and was built in 1672-1697 and at this destination, it’s said that some soldiers refuse to leave their post even though they have been relieved from duty centuries ago. There has been reports of an apparition of a Seminole Indian that has been seen leaping over, a wall no doubt still looking for freedom even in the afterlife. This fort has been plagued with battles that had left the sea red with blood, love triangles that ended in mystery and murder and plenty of tales that have been left behind with spirits still waiting to tell one all about it if they can find one that will stop by to listen.

Photo credit tripadvisor.com

12. Napa River Inn location Napa Valley, California

If you’re looking for some wine with your boo haunted travel destination number 12 is where you want to be it takes you down to wine country located in Napa Valley, California to the intriguing Napa River Inn that use to be a mill back in the day. At this haunt you’ll find beautiful scenery, great dinning, shopping and of course good wine, but something else lurks at this old mill visitors from the past that just might show up, perhaps for a glass of Pinot Grigio or a good Merlot for a laugh or a boo.

Photo credit beverlyhills.org

13. The Doheny Mansion, Greystone Manor located in Beverly Hills, California

If you loved the show the Gilmore Girls this next haunted destination offers a two for one kind of deal because it served as one of the on-location filming spots for the show, however, before it was even a Gilmore Girls filming location there was a murder that occurred at this haunt back in the day.The destination is the Doheny Mansion also known as the Greystone Manor and is where the prominent heir Ned Doheny was murdered by his male secretary investigators ruled it a murder suicide, however for one detective he had another idea of what really happened that day.

Photo credit thehoudiniestate.com

14. Houdini Mansion Hollywood Hills, California

If you’re looking for a dash of magic in your boo our number fourteen haunted location might just be right up your alley because it’s the Houdini Mansion well not exactly, it’s a new mansion that was built after the original one burned down, but this location still has remnants of the past lurking.

And there you have it folks 14 Haunted Travel Destinations for the Brave that will probably leave you feeling shaken with fear to your bones thanks for stopping by and again have a happy Halloween to all and enjoy your night.

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