5 Top Tips For Traveling Solo | A Modern Girl Recommends

5 Top Tips For Traveling Solo | A Modern Girl Recommends

Happy Sunday to you all and depending upon where you are from the summer will soon be ending and if you have one more summer trip up your sleeve that you are planning or maybe you’re starting to gear up for the fall or holiday travel well for today on A Modern Girl Recommends I will be sharing five super easy tips for traveling solo that can help make maneuvering through any airport more relaxing and less stressful when you are in a party of one, but these tips can be used by anyone traveling not just the solo traveler, but what might these tips be?

5 Top Tips For Traveling Solo | A Modern Girl Recommends

Tip 1 Is all about the luggage

The first tip is all about picking the right luggage and this goes for traveling solo or with others, but especially when you’re in just the company of yourself. Having the right luggage can truly make all of the difference in whether things move perfectly or causes you to constantly hit travel snags. Luggage that is too big and is not built to meet your travel needs makes maneuvering in and out of any airport and just the whole travel experience challenging.

5 Top Tips For Traveling Solo | A Modern Girl Recommends

Tip 2 Back, Back 

I have traveled internationally and domestically solo and in groups and when traveling on your own, sometimes it makes it way easier if you opt-in for a backpack instead of a Crossbody or tote. Having a backpack allows for one to keep their hands free, it provides easier access to items you may need to get to quickly and backpacks tend to be on the lighter side making them a great option for the solo travel.

5 Top Tips For Traveling Solo | A Modern Girl Recommends

Tip 3 I don’t think so put them back

Opt-in for comfortable footwear that you can slide on or off quickly, because when you’re going through airport security and you have to sit there remove all those bags, electronics and then your shoes and you’re doing things solo there is no one there that’s going to hold your bags or even watch your bags while you unlace those pretty boots or step out of those stilettos so definitely have a pair of slip-on tennis shoes like vans, or boots like Ugg’s, mules or even flips it makes things a whole lot easier ladies and gentleman and it keeps the lines moving faster.

5 Top Tips For Traveling Solo | A Modern Girl Recommends

Tip 4 Chime in

This next tip for solo traveling is my favorite travel must it offers a great peace of mind for me, protects my funds and at the same time saves me some money in all the best ways and the tip is signing up for a Chime Card or any kind of reloadable debit card for travel. Let’s face it things can sometimes happen and one might become the victim of theft or scanner theft and having a reloadable card where you put a portion of your funds on that card is great because this kind of account is not connected to your primary checking account so if someone gains access to it it’s not great but you can feel somewhat at ease knowing that your main checking account is safe. I also like that I can put temporary freezes on my Chime reloadable card while traveling if something should happen and it’s free to withdraw funds internationally all I have to do is pay the ATM fee.

5 Top Tips For Traveling Solo | A Modern Girl Recommends

Tip 5  App It

Download airport apps it will make everything so much easier, especially if you are traveling solo it puts everything at your fingertips and takes any unknown or guessing work out of the equation from relaying your flight times, finding shuttles to a whole host of information having your departure and return airport apps on your phone is invaluable.

There you have it folks, that’s A Modern Girl Recommends Five Top Tips For Traveling Solo but these are just my tips I want to know what are some of your go to tried and tested travel tips for traveling solo or with a travel buddy or buddies leave a comment below, like, share and subscribe/follow for more to come.

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