Five Steps to Clearing the Clutter Out Now |  A Modern Girl Recommends

Are you one of those people who find it difficult to get any work done on that nice desk in your office, or you have been finding yourself seriously avoiding a room in your house like a plague and your kitchen looks like it’s been burglarized and your bed resembles nothing pleasant, well up for today on A Modern Girl Recommends we are talking all about five simple ways to start decluttering anything unnecessary out of our life, because when our home, office or any part of our life is cluttered it makes it difficult most of the time to get anything actually done, energy levels are way done and having an environment that is unpleasant is the beginning of nowhere.

Step 1 That’ a no-no pen me in

When you are setting out to get rid of the clutter in your life try doing it on a day off or on a weekend when you might just have a little more time because decluttering your home, office or car is not always easy and as we know the clutter did not enter into our lives in one day it took a while and the same way it came into your life is the same way you are going to get rid of it and yes, it will take time and in no way can you successfully clear clutter out of your entire space in one day unless it’s not really clutter or the job is not getting done right.

Step 2 Face it

Tour your home and you will know right off the bat, which room is attracting all the clutter, maybe it’s a room that everyone retreats to and sometimes it’s a room that no one ever really goes into but somehow it’s acting like a vortex and sucking in clutter from everywhere, start by looking for old papers, mail basically anything that can be classified as of no value and toss it right into the trash and then look for anything that’s out-of-place blankets on the floor, clothes, towels, anything that is taking up space on the floor, table or tossed in a pile in the corner start collecting all of it into one pile so you can figure out what is needed, where it needs to be put away and what can seriously get tossed or donated.

Step 3  No More Guessing let’s make a deal

Getting rid of things sometimes can be a bit challenging especially clothing and if you are one who can sometimes think, hey I need that blouse, or I’m going to wear that dress, and slacks who doesn’t need slacks and not that jumper I can’t get rid of that even though you haven’t worn any of them yet and it been years and the price tags are still attached and are screaming the truth, but somehow you’ve developed the notion that it’s imperative to keep all of it if this is you this next decluttering hack has worked time and time again not just me, but for many and it’s easy as pie all you have to do is:

  • Empty your closet take every piece of clothing you have off its hanger.
  • Put the clothes back onto the hangers like in the picture above.
  • Set a time frame 6-12 months for this hack.
  •  Every time you take a piece of clothing off the hanger turn the hanger in the opposite  direction as a way of marking that you wore that piece of clothing.
  • After the 6 to 12 months time frame whatever hangers that are still facing in the original position you first placed them in the closet now is the time to bid them farewell just donate them to charity or sell them unless those pieces of clothing hold some serious sentimental value because you have just proven you are not wearing them and they are only taking up space.

Step 4  One, Two & Three

Make three piles, one pile of things that are an absolute must keep they hold significant value and there’s no way you will be parting with things in pile 1, pile two are things that will go to shelters or foundations that are in good condition that can be of value to one in need and the third pile is an option and that is clothes and items that you do not want, but you know you paid some serious money for and want to get something back these items will go up for sale on sites like Ebay, the Poshmark app or at a good old yard sale, but if you want to make a better return check out the Poshmark app or host a swap party with your friends.

Step 5 Set it Right

After going through those four steps now we have reached the fifth step and it’s the most rewarding you got rid of everything that’s been blocking you in your home or office and you are now left with only the things you actually use, need and want now is the time to set it right put it all away in its special space dishes, pots and pans in the cabinets, clothes hung just right in the closet and blankets and other needed miscellaneous stuff put away.

Thanks for stopping by for this edition of Five Steps to Clearing the Clutter Out Now definitely leave a comment below on your hacks for clearing clutter, like, share and subscribe for more to come and I will see you soon.

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