The newest Superfood for the health conscious are you buying it?  |  A Modern Girl Recommends

The newest Superfood for the health conscious are you buying it?  |  A Modern Girl Recommends

Have you guys caught on to the buzz this week about a new superfood that scientists are saying should be on all of our shopping lists in the future, well it’s a milk an unusual milk because it’s coming from an interesting source, but it contains double the nutrients than your average cup of milk and this milk might just be for the adventurous, definitely the brave, the super outright curious and the health conscious individual that’s born ready to try the newest discovery but the question for us all today is how far are we going to go to maintain good health? Well, like I said scientist are going to drop on us the newest discovered superfood and wait for it its Cockroach milk that’s also available in an ice cream yum right? For me personally I got on board when Acai hit the health world, Goji Berries, Cacao, Chia Seeds, Lucuma, juicing and the list for me kept growing but do you all think science and fads are going to far?

What we need to know about Cockroach milk

  1. In the year 2016, just two years ago, scientists had made the discovery that cockroach milk actually could be more nutritious than milk from a cow or buffalo.
  2. Cockroach milk is about to be the newest superfood craze that will dominate the health conscious world.
  3. The retailer Gourmet Grubb in South Africa is getting in on the action and they have you covered for the summer by releasing their very own Cockroach Ice Cream which is infused with cockroach milk.
  4. And the biggest question should Raid and other bug spray companies be shaking in their boots, because instead of killing cockroaches now your health conscious neighbor might want to collect them to make some nutrient-rich milk uh-oh maybe Raid will open their own Cockroach farm.

What the heck is Cockroach milk?

Cockroach milk is coming from a specific cockroach named the Pacific beetle, which is a rare cockroach, which is smart right, we want to eliminate a rare species in order to make another form of milk okay, maybe I’m being a little condescending, but let’s get back to the roaches the Pacific beetle gives birth to live bugs and feeds them her milk well in 2016, these researchers studied these roaches and when I mean studied I mean they dissected them and found that the roach milk happens to form micro crystals that occur once digested by the baby roaches and this milk has a high level of nutrients that are beneficial for one’s health and are considered a complete source of food which contains fats, sugars, proteins and they contain all the essential amino acids are you guys digging this I don’t know about you but I’m not even in the vicinity of digging this.

But the real question to pose is this going to far?

For many cultures around the world this is the norm along with other cuisines that some might see as an oddity I mean,  who remembers this Queen Elizabeth’s 1985 trip to Belize she allegedly feasted on Gibnut which is a rat and Gibnut is stated to be a delicacy in Belize and according to CNN there’s already a booming Cockroach farm in China, but if we think this is outside our way of thinking and you would never try it answer this do you like raspberry, strawberry or vanilla anything Ice Cream, chewing gum, brownies, puddings, candy even sodas do yourself a favor and check to see if you see the ingredient castoreum and if it is in any of your faves guess what you have been eating beaver castor gland (details here) and many companies have been using this for approximately eighty years and only now they have begun to start to cut it from some foods and only use it in fragrances, but be aware if you see something saying natural flavoring because some companies are labeling castoreum as natural flavoring. But is the United States consumer ready to see the newest milk in the diary section of their local store containing roach crystals I don’t know about you all, but I will be sitting this adventure way out I like natural and organic products, but this is a little too natural for me and if you are with me, be thankful for the moment, because it’s not quite available here yet and the whole Cockroach ice cream is being sold in South Africa by the company Gourmet Grubb (Article here).

So fellow readers chime in today with your two-cents about if Cockroach milk will be in your shopping cart, leave a comment, click on the poll and cast your vote, like and subscribe and I will see you soon.


To learn more

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