Are You Leaving Money On The Table ? | A Modern Girl Recommends

Are You Leaving Money On The Table ? | A Modern Girl Recommends

Are you leaving money on the table? When you make a virtual shopping trip, chances are not just you, but a mass majority of people are actually leaving hundreds of dollars a year if not more behind when shopping at some of their favorite online retailers. Some are probably thinking what the heck am I talking about, because you leave no money behind well in fact you are and here’s the proof many consumers are unaware of two websites or maybe some have heard of them and are just not quite sure how they work the two websites that I am referring to are Ebates and Mr. Rebates, and what is great about these two companies is that they actually get some of your favorite retailers to pay you cash back for a purchase that you are about to make, and here’s how with both of these companies you will no longer be leaving money on the table.

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First, What is Ebates and Mr. Rebates? And how does it work?

Ebates and Mr. Rebates are two online websites that connect the consumer with almost every online retailer, you can possibly think of from luxury to bargain, but both of these companies take it a step further and they actually give the consumer a percentage of their money back for every online purchase connected through their site and here’s how:

  • Lets say you wanted to make a purchase online at the Gap all you have to do is log on to either or Mr.Rebates find the retailer you’re looking to shop at and then the site will tell you how much in percentage you will get back from shopping with that retailer. For example, if you spend $40.00 and the cash back rebate is 12% you will receive 12% cash back from the subtotal.
  •  Ebates and Mr. Rebates do have a 90 day waiting period for each purchase you make before you either receive your cash back earnings via check or PayPal.
  • Whether you’re using Ebates or Mr.Rebates there’s a minimum amount one must reach before they can request payment it is $5.00 for Ebates and $10.00 for Mr. Rebates.
  •  Both Ebates and Mr. Rebates do have the same retailers available on their sites, it is extremely rare that a retailer is not on both of these sites to earn cash back, but don’t get me wrong it can happen like I said it’s rare, but it can occur.
  •  Sometimes Mr. Rebates does have a higher cash back earning, then Ebates so just keep in mind to check both of these sites out before clicking to shop.
  • Ebates and Mr. Rebates do not allow third-party website, coupons for example, if you wanted to use a coupon from a site like Retail Me Not or even from the actual store, you are about to shop from in conjunction with either Ebates or Mr. Rebates your cash back bonus will be voided that is considered a no, no and they will find out and your rebate will be cancelled.
  • When signing up with either one of these companies they will give each new member a sign up bonus. Ebates  will give its new members a $10.00 cash bonus to sign up or a Wal-Mart gift card and Mr. Rebates also gives a cash bonus of $5.00, but the good news is you can collect on both of these bonuses by signing up with both of these companies. With both Ebates and Mr. Rebates you must make a minimum purchase before they release your sign up bonus, and then you will receive your bonus during your payout. If you are selecting a gift card as your welcome bonus same rules apply after you make your minimum purchase your gift card will be mailed between three weeks to thirty days.
  • Always check for restrictions before clicking on links to the stores you’re about to shop at.

How does one sign-up for Ebates and Mr. Rebates?

To sign up to either of these companies, or to both just log onto Ebates or Mr. Rebates and you will be prompted to enter your email address and assign a password that you pick for your account. You will also have to enter your mailing address, and then you will be directed to confirm your email and select how and where you want your rebate check or if you prefer your money to be sent via PayPal.

What are some of the retailers available on both Ebates and Mr. Rebates?

Well, just to name a few they are:


Bed, Bath & Beyond

Saks Fifth Avenue




Forever 21

Bath & Body Works

Home Depot



Virgin Atlantic


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Topic  Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

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