15 Things Worth Doing In Your Lifetime | A Modern Girl Recommends

Everyone can agree we all have plans for things we want to do in our lifetime things that intrigue, things that inspire and things that enrich our lives and for today on A Modern Girl Recommends we have compiled a list of fourteen things that are worth trying in a lifetime and here they are.

A Helicopter view

Whether it’s touring the canyons, flying over the reefs, hovering over those hidden islands or touring those massive cities a helicopter tour is worth putting on a list of things to do at least once in a lifetime to see it all from a different view reshapes one in many ways and it addresses those issues of fear, quenches the need for an adrenaline rush and gives one a new perspective.

Set Sail

Summer sailing is the number two thing on our list of things that’s worth doing in a lifetime and you do not have to own a sailboat to sail the sea check with sailing schools or charter one and sail the sea for the day and the experience is on a whole different level.

Take to the skies

Number 3 is all about reaching new heights by taking a ride in a Hot Air Balloon which is an experience that’s both crazy and beautiful all rolled into one, it leaves one in bliss, amazed and maybe a little terrified, but still with a tale to tell.

Whale watching

Book a ticket to go whale watching some say it’s spiritual we just say who wouldn’t want to see these beautiful creatures of the sea.

International travel

Columbus did it, Magellan did it and so many others did as well and that is setting out and exploring other continents take travel overseas and discover something unfamiliar in your lifetime.

Learn A New Language

It’s believed that Cleopatra spoke nine languages in her lifetime not saying we have to aim that high, but learning to speak one extra language in a lifetime can introduce one to new experiences and build bridges of communications.

Let the music play

Are you still pondering if you should ever learn to play a musical instrument? Well, this should definitely be on your list of things to do in a lifetime by learning to play any instrument and advancing in playing that instrument is both emotionally satisfying as well as rewarding and many greats throughout time have played a musical instrument so think about being inspired to learn to play a musical instrument in your lifetime.

Leave fear behind

Leave fear behind and step out of that old comfort zone. Fear for a long time has kept people from reaching new heights, exploring and even challenging yourself and at some point in your lifetime just let, it go and break free from fear and start to do all the things you desire without limits.

Go have a visit with history

Now that we’ve put international travel on our list of things to do in a lifetime, we also have to make sure that travel includes visiting a historical place with significance. Being able to travel and venture into the past where the greats of the time have walked or places that shaped our history is mandatory.

Weekend Retreat

Take a weekend retreat, whether it’s a yoga, spiritual or any enriching event, let your wings fly for a weekend and come back with a new perspective that will not only inspire, but leave a lasting impression. Weekend retreats can help us reflect, promote wanted change and empowered individuals.

Camping off the map

Sure, we have our local campgrounds, but take a flight sign up with a tour or bring your pals and head to a far off campground, maybe the Outback the experience is way different from your run of the mill campground, there’s no showers, no park benches or tables just you and nature face to face ready to challenge you and you’ll end up with two tales to tell.

Hello Northern Lights

I mean this should be on everyone’s list for a chance to witness the beautiful phenomena of the Northern Lights also known as Aurora Borealis is an event that we say is cosmically spiritual and we’ll leave it at that.

Photo by Asaf Kliger and obtained from https://www.icehotel.com/

Ice anyone?

Maybe it’s an odd thing to do, or maybe you wanted to live in an Igloo when you were younger or heck, it’s just something that’s sparking that old curiosity, but staying in the Ice Hotel is a whole another level of adventure worth experiencing in a lifetime can you survive sleeping on a bed of ice? Is it dangerously cold? How does one bathe in an ice bathroom? Oh the questions one can be left pondering skipping this lifetime experience.

More please!

Your Grandma has one, your mother has one too, and if you don’t, it’s a must for a lifetime create a dish that’s you something that you created that everyone loves that you can pass down to your future generations or your friends a dish that’s requested, the one you will bring to all those events.

Big Ticket Splurge

We are not trying to say strive in your life, to buy a Rolls Royce in less that’s what you really want, but in your life, whether its front roll seats at a Beyoncé concert, the best seat in the house at Hamilton, World Series tickets, that insanely price handbag or a summer home splurge on yourself obtain that material object that you so much desire save, work, win the lottery whatever as long as its legal set out to get that big-ticket almost fantasy item.



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