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The thought of saving money is on many peoples minds, especially when thinking about saving for the future, but  some might think well that might be true, I need to think about saving for the future, but what little I can actually save is not really going to make a big difference down the line in the future. Finding money to save for your future can seem like the hardest task, especially when thinking about saving for education, a wedding, a baby, a home or for any other life happenings while still trying to focus on the money for the current situation, but setting out to save money that will keep you financially secure in a future situation that could be otherwise challenging should be a top priority for everyone, no matter their age or income situation and for today I wanted to introduced to everyone an investment app that I have been using since November of last year and before you say wait investing that is one of the biggest gambles one can take in an economy that’s constantly changing to throw my money into an investment account you must be nuts and my reply simply to you is yeah, nuts for Acorns investments that is and yes investing can be high risk, but doing absolutely nothing to secure your financial future is off the Richter scale insane.

What is Acorns the Investment App?

Acorns is investing made simple this investment app works by taking all of your spare change left over from card purchases from the day, week, or month and then with your complete control of what amount gets invested Acorns will invest that loose virtual change for you, but hold the phone because this modern investing app does not stop there, because Acorns also looks for companies that will invest in you through a feature in the app called Found Money which works basically like Ebates and Mr. Rebates by connecting you with brands like Birchbox, Nike, Apple, Headspace and many others that offer cashback investing on purchases that you are making.

Acorns The Investment App | A Modern Girl Recommends

Acorns The Investment App | A Modern Girl Recommends

How to get started and what to expect with the Acorns Investment App?

  • Sign up through and for a limited time they will invest $5.00 in your new Acorns account.
  • Link your primary checking account and debit card to your new Acorns Account for Round-ups.
  • Each month you will be charged a service fee of $1.00.
  • You have the option to schedule a recurring investment for your Acorns account by setting up transfer amounts from your linked accounts for daily, weekly or monthly investments.
  • Start Investing with as little as $5.00.
  • Get rewarded for bringing your friends on board and investing with Acorns.
  • Acorns make investing simple and modern, because for every bit of money you invest Acorns will automatically invest it into a diversified portfolio across 7000 stocks as well as bonds to improve your return.
  • To use the app to invest your roundups all you have to do is just open the app and all of your previous purchases can be found in the section titled Round-ups and to invest just click on which available roundups you have and select them and they will be invested after roundups reach $5.00.
  • All Found Money credits will be shown pending within 45 days and will be fully credited within 120 days.

Why I love The Acorns Investing App

Plain and simple Acorns makes investing modern, easy and moderately profitable by taking something we do every day and making a financial difference in our lives, we know we are going to use our debit, credit or bank account in some way everyday and if we buy a coffee and a croissant and spend $10.95 instead of having that nickel just sitting there left over why not transfer it over into an Acorn account and let it make you some money and if you are going to be shopping at a retailer and they are part of the Acorns Found Money retailers that’s going to actually  invest money into your account why the heck not. I love that I can control what gets invested and at the same time securing my financial future in a pretty good and easy way.

Thanks for stopping for this edition featuring Acorns the Investment App it really does make investing simple and easy for anyone, like I said to invest and grow your future you do not always need to start with thousands of dollars you can start small and build overtime and through this app you can experience financial gain with simple steps and dedication that can secure a better financial future.


Find out more

To sign up head on over to Acorns

To get your $5.00 sign up bonus use above referral link.


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