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When we typically think about Sundays we think church, catching up with chores, running errands sometimes visiting family and a lot of times thinking, oh goodness, where did the weekend go and what do you mean the work week starts to tomorrow, but how many of us are actually thinking about career goals, goals for the week or just goals in general or how many of us are actually looking for a way to better excel in the new week ahead well for today I will be sharing seven things we can all do to jumpstart our week for success and if you’re interested in getting all the deets stay tuned for how to Map Your Week For Success.

Whether it’s the weekday or the weekend anytime you can commit to getting in some exercise is extremely beneficial for helping you to focus, recharge your energy and for over wellbeing putting in a workout in on a Sunday sticks with you throughout the week and gets you prepped and ready to succeed.

Planning your meals for the week ahead on Sunday will take the stress off of thinking about it during the week and this will have a significant impact on helping you with your goals, because if you are focusing on being the boss who has the time to also think about what’s for dinner by creating a menu ahead of time this will allow you to already know what you’re having where you can then focus your attention right on back to tackling your goals for the week.

I don’t actually mean to physically alphabetized your plans, but I do mean for one to get things in order by breaking out those planners, digital or physical and get everything down of what needs to be done for the week ahead, what appointments do you have, what steps need to be taken throughout the week in order to get it all done and take a look back also at the prior week to see what did not get done and work out a way to avoid it this time around.

We all know that sometimes it can feel like the week is just speeding by especially when spending a great deal of the week each morning trying to figure out what the heck to wear or feeling like nothing looks right not realizing at the moment we are actually wasting valuable time that could be directed towards tackling our goals so what is one to do? Plan your whole wardrobe for the entire week on Sunday and you’ll see just how much more time you will actually have in the morning to focus on your goals. By doing this you will already know way in advanced what outfit will work for you for that day.

Now that you have planned your wardrobe for the week, you’ve created a meal plan, you did a little exercise and most importantly, you know your goals for the week ahead now think about drawing a relaxing bath and adding your favorite Lush Bath Bomb, some essential oils, bubble bath and to kick things up a notch some fresh rose petals by having a relaxing bath right before bed this allows for you to head right into a relaxing mode it becomes your time, because as we know with work, school and just life happening throughout the week we rush right into the shower every morning and quickly out the door for the day so by having a Sunday Ritual of drawing a luxurious bath while prepping for the week ahead helps one to unwind and leave any stress behind.

This may be a huge stretch for some, however going off the grid from using any electronics for a day or even a few hours can actually recharge and focus you for the week ahead when unplugging take that time to actually connect with family or friends at your local cafe, get out and get some fresh air, journal or whatever sparks your interest without electronics.

To know your time is to be aware of it and how it affects your day-to-day experiences with it. If you retire for bed each evening at 11:30 pm for example and get up every morning at 7:00 am and you’re noticing that you’re irritable, lacking energy and still very exhausted and under performing then you need to change your sleep time and know which time works best for you to be able to seize the day energized, refreshed and alert.

And there you have it folks these are just a few steps that you can add to your Sunday routine to be able to perform well throughout the weekday by planning your week from attire, food, wellness and having a plan in general puts you way ahead of others that choose to just wing it. Thanks for stopping by for this edition of how to Map Your Week For Success with 7 things To Do On Sunday that will Jumpstart your week for success.


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