Beauty Subscriptions Where to Start?  |  A Modern Girl Recommends

Beauty Subscriptions Where to Start?  |  A Modern Girl Recommends

We have officially danced into a new month and for today we’re talking sample subscriptions they’re everywhere and there’s one for everything from food, beauty, lifestyle, candy, pets to plenty of others to choose from and if you are new to the idea of subscriptions, you can quickly get lost in the sea of subscriptions and thinking are they even worth it? Or where to even start? So for today I am going to be covering four beauty subscriptions that have been around for a while and have taken the lead in the beauty subscription market and these four subscriptions are the perfect place for anyone thinking about joining one to start.

Play! By Sephora

Beauty Subscriptions Where to Start?  |  A Modern Girl Recommends

The beauty subscription that we will be looking at first is by Sephora and this is their Play! By Sephora beauty subscription and this one has been around for only a few years and if you are a fan of all things Sephora this subscription is a must.

Details: The Play! By Sephora subscription costs $10.00 a month plus any applicable tax and shipping is free.

What do you get: Six deluxe size samples that are coming from all the best brands in beauty from Urban Decay, Stila Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, Tarte Cosmetics and many others. This subscription features a great mixture of products from skincare, makeup, hair care and then some. The Play! By Sephora beauty subscription is one that delivers it all variety, great brands and fun tucked away in a cute bag.

Any extras: Yes, Sephora will give each subscriber ten points every month for each bag they receive. Sephora also ships their samples in a cute drawstring bag that matches the theme of the month. Subscribers will also receive each month a Play! Pass Card which entitles them to a free play session where you can make an appointment and come into your local Sephora learn more about your samples and then if you decide to purchase something at Sephora that day you will get an extra fifty points.

Is this subscription worth it?: Heck yeah, if you are a fan of all things Sephora this subscription is a must, it features all the best brands in beauty and I think it’s an excellent value plus an added bonus if you decide that this subscription is just not for you don’t worry you can cancel anytime and it’s extremely easy to cancel.

Ipsy Bag

Beauty Subscriptions Where to Start?  |  A Modern Girl Recommends

Up next is the beauty subscription Ipsy and this is one to definitely consider when thinking about signing up for a beauty subscription.

Details:  An Ipsy subscription costs $10.00 a month plus any applicable taxes.

What do you get?: Five deluxe size samples and sometimes full size ones too from a variety brands. What I like about this subscription is your samples arrive in a cute makeup bag that you’re going to definitely want to hold on to.

Any extras:  Yes, Ipsy gives their subscribers points for each item they review in their bag and then subscribers can redeem those points for products. Ipsy has also just kicked things up a notch because they now have their very own online store where you can shop products from your bag along with numerous other brands and Ipsy will give you cash back on every purchase.

Is this subscription worth it? If you are one who loves cute makeup bags and a game of chance then this subscription is right up your alley because that is what Ipsy is all about they curate bags that feel completely random and sometimes a little out of the norm, but what I like about Ipsy is they will send you brands you know, but they will also introduce you to the products that you’ll end up loving that you thought you’d absolutely hate.


Beauty Subscriptions Where to Start?  |  A Modern Girl Recommends

The next beauty subscription that we have arrived at is one of the originals and it’s Birchbox.

Details: This subscription costs $10.00 a month or $30.00 for a three month subscription.

What do you get: The Birchbox subscription delivers five to six samples a month and they can range from sample size to deluxe sample size. Birchbox tends to feature a nice mixture of products from makeup, skincare to hair care and their subscription also features notable brands and a few newer brands that are all definitely worth knowing.

Any extras: None really you get a cute design box every month, however Birchbox has cut their points program so you can no longer review your monthly boxes and get those fifty or sixty points and then cash them in for products in their shop, now the only way to earn points is through purchasing items in the Birchbox Shop yourself and then your points are only good for a couple of months. Birchbox does tough give their subscribers sneak peeks into their boxes before your boxes ship.

Is this subscription worth it? The answer yes, because Birchbox like the Play! By Sephora subscription features amazing brands that you know of or have been wanting to try, however, if you are looking for a great points/ rewards subscription this subscription is not about that anymore it’s about the brands, the products and the sampling experience.


Beauty Subscriptions Where to Start?  |  A Modern Girl Recommends

Glossybox is the fourth beauty subscription to think about and here’s why.

Details: The Glossybox subscription costs $21.00 a month, $58.50 for a three-month subscription, $111.00 for six months or $210.00 for a 12 month subscription.

What do you get: Glossybox delivers full size products and a few deluxe size products in each box. This is a beauty base subscription box that tends to feature numerous brands both notable and newer ones. The subscription does come with five products each month that can range from a mixture of beauty, fragrance, makeup and skincare and other surprises too.

Any extras?: Yep, Glossybox will give their subscribers points for each item they review that they received in their box and those points can later be redeemed for free Glossyboxes.

Is this subscription worth it? Glossybox does ship great products, however, they’re not always brands you know and  Glossybox does make it a bit tricky to cancel. I had cancelled about two years ago around October and they kept billing me in November for a box and in December and it was a bit frustrating, I do not know if this was an isolated issue or if this has happened to other people.


Beauty Subscriptions Where to Start?  |  A Modern Girl Recommends

With each beauty subscription a subscriber will most of the time receive a variety of samples no two subscriptions are alike, however, one thing is for sure variety better be in the mix for it to be a subscription of value. I have received full size beautiful makeup brushes from Ipsy, great luxury hair care and skin care products from Birchbox including  products from the Sunday Riley skin care line and even Herbivore and the Play! By Sephora subscription is the beauty subscription that rocks the beauty brand department, they feature the best in beauty and gives the subscriber continued great value for their buck.

And that was a look into four of the top beauty subscriptions on the market definitely worth trying they all offer something different, but if you’re new to beauty subscriptions and you just do not know where to begin these are really great ones that will get you very familiar with how monthly subscriptions work and what to look for when signing up. Always remember before signing up with any subscription company, make sure you can cancel anytime without any restrictions and always research before giving anyone or any company your financial information and with that said that’s a wrap. Thanks for stopping by and chime in below about what subscriptions you like and would recommend and definitely like, share, subscribe/follow and stay tuned.

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