Five Things That Successful People Do | A Modern Girl Recommends

Five Things That Successful People Do | A Modern Girl Recommends

Thanks for stopping by for this edition and for today we’re going to be talking about five things that successful people do and how we should be implementing them into our lives as well because who doesn’t want to be successful right but what are these Five Things That Successful People Do?.

Five Things That Successful People Do | A Modern Girl Recommends


Every successful person takes time to travel and one might be thinking, yeah that’s nice, but a successful person has the funds to take numerous trips and yes, that might be true, but to travel doesn’t always mean to cross into foreign lands and exotic locations if you are strapped for cash don’t let that stop you try adventuring right into your own backyard not literally though, I mean plan a day trip to the next city over somewhere you can drive, uber, bus or train to and hit up the localities and you will be surprised to know that a lot of interesting sights actually are free to visit just Google free attractions and there will definitely be something there for everyone. Traveling gives one experience, it connects, it educates and it truly advances one, because when you arrive at your next cocktail party and someone asks you what’s new with you and you will have more to say than just work and fam trust me and that’s why travel is a part of five things a successful person does.

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I do not want to sound like grandma or your local banker, but investing is extremely important and it something that every successful person undertakes in and this can be as easy as investing in a new business, buying property, buying up some stocks, bonds, ETF’s,investing in your community, etc. Investing is risky, but the risks are sometimes worth it  you have to research to where you are going to put your money, be realistic and only work with the best know the firm before you invest with them if you are a newbie to investing that’s okay sign up with a firm like Acorns and they will simplify it for you.

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Investing and saving are two different things much alike, yes, but still very different, but one thing is for sure is that every successful person saves a portion of their money and here’s why putting a portion of your paycheck or any additional income you may have away will ensure that you can be able to handle any unexpected expenses. Generally, it’s stated that one should save ten percent of their weekly, bi-weekly or monthly paycheck so if you make $500 a week you should be setting aside $50 a week. Now sometimes it might not always be feasible for one to save that much money, try saving something even if you only have $1.00 to save a week do that until you can save more. If saving money is too daunting to think about make things more interesting by setting a financial goal like say you’re going to save $300 in one month and after you meet that amount take a small portion and treat yourself to dinner or a movie or an item, just don’t use the full amount take $60 of the $300 and at the end you will have $240 in savings still and you would have also treated yourself at the same time and continue the next month with a new financial goal.

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Every successful person on the planet has acquired art even if it’s only one piece and I’m not talking about art you get from Target I am talking about art you buy from a gallery or a street artist. The experience of going to a gallery opening talking with the artist and connecting with the story behind the piece is well worth it and yes some might be thinking, wait typically art at a gallery runs thousands of dollars if not more how is the typical person going to afford that, aren’t we suppose to be saving money and yes that true in some sense, and false in others with new artists looking to take their place in the art world their art doesn’t always costs thousands of dollars, but a couple of hundred of dollars and their artwork is amazing and is just as stunning and thought-provoking as some of the legends. I mean, look at  Jean -Michael Basquiat, he was a street artist from the 80s’ that died back then and his art used to sale for a few dollars but now one of his pieces sold for $110.5 million at auction. Art is a cultural and intellectual investment.

Five Things That Successful People Do | A Modern Girl Recommends


Every successful person reads and I am not talking about the latest steamy novel or thriller I’m talking books that pertain to their profession. A successful person is always looking for ways to advance further and that happens by getting their hands on career related books.


And those are the five things that every successful person does that puts them ahead of others and steps that we can take as well, because like I said who doesn’t want to become successful, we all have different dreams right and we want to succeed in making those dreams a reality. Thanks for stopping by for this Sundays edition and definitely like, hit the subscribe/follow button and share for more to come and I will see you all soon.



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