Pearlessence Skin Care Review | A Modern Girl Recommends

Pearlessence Skin Care Review | A Modern Girl Recommends

It’s time for my Sunday edition once again here on A Modern Girl Recommends and for today I will be reviewing a skin care line that I had been testing out for a while that I had purchased from TJ Maxx way back in September of this year and I have been using it since then and it’s the Pearlessence Skin Care line that many say is quite comparable to Herbivore and for today I am going to be giving you all the details about the products that I had purchased and if they really make the beauty cut so let’s get started and have a look.

Pearlessence Skin Care Review | A Modern Girl Recommends

Pearlessence Aloe + Charcoal Facial Cleanser

Price | $5.99

The first product that I had tried from the Pearlessence line is the Aloe + Charcoal Facial Cleanser and this is a light foaming gel cleanser that has a sweet citrus fragrance. I liked that this cleanser did not dry out my skin, however, upon first use it did cause a few breakouts which that can be expected when introducing your skin to new skin care products especially ones that contain charcoal however my skin did clear up. For me this is not my ideal everyday cleanser, but for once or twice a week to change things up it’s okay.

Pearlessence Skin Care Review | A Modern Girl Recommends

Pearlessence Hydrating Face Mist in Cucumber Water  and Coconut Water

Price | $6.99 each

If you do decide to venture into the Pearlessence skin care line I highly recommend trying their Hydrating Face Mists above all of these products I tested, they smell incredible, they really do hydrate the skin and they are perfect for when one is aiming to create a dewy makeup glow finish. The Coconut Water smells like fresh sweeten coconut and the Cucumber Water smells like cucumber essence water, it’s light, very fresh with hints of sweetness and I love putting these mist in the fridge for a nice refreshing spritz after a workout or when the outside temps are on the rise. What I have noticed about these hydrating face mists is they can sometimes sting the skin, especially after exfoliating, however for me it did not bother me enough to discontinue use because it only occurred for a second.

Pearlessence Skin Care Review | A Modern Girl Recommends

Pearlessence Rosehip Balancing Facial Oil

Price | $5.99

I did not purchase a cream moisturizer from the Pearlessence line, however, I did purchase their Rosehip Balancing Facial oil and like many of the products in their line it smells great this one smells like fresh-cut red roses just very relaxing and fresh. I liked that this oil did not leave my skin looking oily, but rather with a radiant glow. I also liked that it did not in any way irritate my skin.


And that was my review of the Pearlessence Skin Care Line at least the products that I have tried, I know that there are some people who compare Pearlessence to Herbivore, I think the only comparison would be the packaging, but in regards to the products they’re on two different levels completely. Pearlessence I think is a soothing skin care line that smells incredible gets the skin clean, but only gives minimal results. I do feel the line is worth trying and finding out which products might work for you. I loved the Hydrating Face Mist and my mom loves the Rosehip Balancing Facial Oil so there is definitely something to like in this skin care line you just have to find it. Thanks for stopping by for my Pearlessence Skin Care Review and I will see you all again soon like, share and hit that subscribe/follow button for more to come and I will see you all soon.


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