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Aer Lingus | A Modern Girl Recommends

If you guys follow me on Instagram you probably already know that I had been traveling a couple of weeks ago to Europe and for this trip this time around I embarked on a different path and took the airline Aer Lingus. I chose Aer Lingus, because I had felt that this airline has a strong brand backing behind them, they are a part of them International Airline Group, which is the parent company of  British Airways, Iberia, and Vueling and plus they are the second largest airline in Ireland and they are starting to operate in many US regions. So what was my experience with Aer Lingus and what should one expect when using this airline well, here’s  a look into my journey that originated from LAX to Dublin with a layover and then off to Gatwick Airport.

What can one expect when flying with Aer Lingus?

When booking an Aer Lingus flight there are a few things that can leave the outbound flyer slightly confused and I am here to hopefully clear up some of the confusion, because until I took my flight I was completely confused and here were some of those questions that not only I had, but many others had as well and if you are about to take an Aer Lingus flight you might have.

  • Are meals included? And why does it say when booking if you would like to purchase meals.
  • Are there any luggage restrictions? And why are there so many fees on their site.
  • What about entertainment
  • Seating
  • What do I like about Aer Lingus? Or is there anything that I like about Aer Lingus.
  • Is it true you have to pay extra for a pillow, earphones and a blanket.

The first question is are meals included? When booking an Aer Lingus Flight it asks the future flyer if they would like to purchase meals for their upcoming flight. Are meals included on Aer Lingus flights? And the answer is

  • If one is taking a long-haul flight yes, they will receive 2 meals, non-alcoholic beverages and snacks included in their ticket fare. If one is on a shorter flight such as my connecting flight from Dublin to Gatwick which is a little over an hour flight meals and drinks are not included in the fare and the flyer will have to pay extra if they would like meals and drinks. On my flight from LAX to Dublin I received dinner, snacks and breakfast and the quality of the food in my opinion was great I mean it’s not top chef quality, however almost home cooked good. Aer Lingus  does offer gourmet quality meals which include steak, salmon and chicken for an additional cost and they’re definitely worth trying. For those who want something a little more special, or additional snacks Aer Lingus does offer for sale in their catalog gourmet style breakfasts, desserts, candies, Pringle Chips, alcoholic beverages and much, much more.

Are there any restrictions regarding luggage?

  • And the answer is of course there are always restrictions regarding luggage, no matter what airline you take. For my trip I was allowed one checked bag that did not exceed 50 pounds, a carry-on and one small bag. As soon as one books their ticket with Aer Lingus, they can log onto the Aer Lingus website to manage their upcoming trip and they will tell you exactly what is included and what will cost you extra.

How’s the entertainment on Aer Lingus ?

  • Aer Lingus features a media library that includes movies, music, TV shows, kids entertainment, games and much more. Their music library has pretty much all of the current and past music hits, which includes Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Madonna, Amber Run and many other artists. Their movie selection is not as prominent as the bigger airlines, however, either way one will be entertained.

Is it true you have to pay extra for a pillow, earphones and a blanket?

And the answer is if you are taking a long haul flight, you will receive a blanket, a pillow and earphones at no additional cost, however, for shorter flights be prepared to pay for those extras or make sure you bring your own, however there was no entertainment on my Dublin to Gatwick flight so no earphones were needed.

What I like about Aer Lingus?

  • They offer the best comfortable seating at an affordable price. On my flight I was actually able to stretch my legs out completely and this was in economy class with no problem.
  • I loved the Aer Lingus Sky shop they featured some of the best brands from YSL, Lipstick Queen and so much more and the prices are ridiculously inexpensive and the fact that everything is duty-free just made it all the better.
  • Great service from the time I checked in at the airport to on broad service everything was perfect.
  • My Aer Lingus flight arrived on time for departure and arrived early, to my destination which is perfect.
  • All of the flight attendants were amazing and they delivered impeccable service in my opinion.

If I could change anything about Aer Lingus what would it be?

Hands down, without a doubt I would want them to have direct flights to Heathrow Airport.

And that was my experience with flying Aer Lingus and I will definitely fly with this airline again. Aer Lingus I think offers a nice experience for the traveler and is an excellent choice for last-minute flights or when you are on a travel budget. I will see you all again soon like and subscribe for more to come and if anyone has any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

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Disclaimer: The featured post Aer Lingus Review is a non-sponsored post. I myself purchased my plane ticket and is sharing my experience with using this airline on A Modern Girl Recommends website. All views and opinions expressed are of my own, and in no way dictated, affiliated or drawn by Aer Lingus’s influence.

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