DIY Rose Hibiscus Orange Bath Salts | A Modern Girl Recommends

A Modern Girl Recommends | DIY Rose Hibiscus Orange Bath Salts

Welcome back readers and on this Wednesday edition I wanted to share a simple, affordable, and fragrant DIY that is all about helping one to unwind. The DIY that is going to take center stage is a floral, citrus infusion of Rose, Hibiscus, and Orange and it’s my relaxing bath salts that are quick to make, perfect for gift giving and even better to enjoy on your own so lets get things started with my DIY Rose Hibiscus Orange Bath Salts.

What you’ll need

3-4 cups of Epsom Salts

2 tablespoons dried Roses

2  tablespoons of dried Hibiscus Flowers

1/4 of  a cup Baking Soda

1 1/2 cups  of Pink Himalayan Salt


Mixing bowl

Container for housing your bath salts

Orange Essential Oil 10-12 drops (optional)

A Modern Girl Recommends | DIY Rose Hibiscus Orange Bath Salts

Step 1 Grind 2 tablespoons each of dried roses and hibiscus flowers together.

A Modern Girl Recommends | DIY Rose Hibiscus Orange Bath Salts

Step 2  Depending upon your jar size, add 3-4 cups of Epsom salts,  1 1/2 cup of Pink Himalayan Salts, and 1/4 of a cup of baking soda and then incorporate the rose and hibiscus flowers that have been grounded from step 1 into your bath salt mixture.

Tips Add baking soda in a little at a time, because it can dust back into your face. By adding the baking soda in a little at a time it’s less messy and blends evenly.

Step 3  This step is completely optional because these bath salts smell incredible either way, but to embrace the spring season, I wanted to include that sweet orange blossoming scent so I have added 12 drops of orange essential oil into my salt mixture, however you can test the right fragrance level to your liking and add more or less fragrance or change the fragrance altogether your choice.

Step 4 Add the bath salt mixture into your bottle and enjoy!.

A Modern Girl Recommends | DIY Rose Hibiscus Orange Bath Salts

And there you have it folks a simple, luxurious relaxing bath salt mixture without the luxurious, price tag and you have created it yourself whether you follow my recipe or put your own spin on things it’s your creation to enjoy and hopefully to share the love with others. Thanks for stopping by for my DIY Rose Hibiscus Orange Bath Salts and I will see you all again soon, like and subscribe for more to come.

Purchasing Info

Epsom Salts 

Pink Himalayan Salts 

Rose Petals

Hibiscus Flowers

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Baking Soda

 Molcajete Mortar 


Disclaimer: The ingredients and items featured in the post DIY Rose Hibiscus Orange Bath Crystals  were purchased by me for A Modern Girl Recommends website for the purpose of the featured DIY/Tutorial, and all views and opinions expressed are of my own, and in no way dictated, affiliated or drawn by any retailer’s influence. This post may contain affiliate links. You as the reader, subscriber or site visitor will not be charged anything for clicking on these links, they are direct links to products mentioned within the post I will however receive a percentage of the cost of your purchase from the retailer.


Please remember that I am not a doctor,dermatologist, herbalist, or health care specialist of any sort, so before adding, beginning or stopping any medication or skin care product of any sort please be smart and consult with your dermatologist or health care specialist, because what might work great for me, might be potentially harmful for another.





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