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It’s Friday and before the weekend gets officially started, I wanted to share a look inside the February 2017 Daily Goodie Box . This is a new subscription that I have recently been introduced to by the company, and it’s a subscription, that’s completely outside of the norm of your typical subscription box in the sense that it is completely free, yes I said free there is absolutely no money, no credit card involved not even for the shipping, but there is always a catch peeps and this one is not at all a bad one you get put on a waitlist and when the company picks you, you are going to end up with some pretty good full size to deluxe size sample products. So what will you possibly get let’s have a look.

Daily Goodie Box Specs

  • 100% free subscription, no hidden fees or credit cards to be placed on file.
  • Free shipping and handling.
  • There is a waiting list.
  • Boxes features a variety of different items ranging from food, snacks, home cleaning products and so on.



subscription-alert-daily-goodie-box-february-2017-edition-coffee-blocks-better-butter-coffeeCoffee Blocks Better Butter Coffee

Full size | $23.95

The first product to land in my February 2017 Daily Goodie Box is right on trend and the company is taking a page from a drink craze that has been buzzing for a while making it much easier to enjoy and what is it? It’s Coffee Blocks Better Coffee Butter and if you are one who has been following this drink craze you know that it takes a lot of work and ingredients to make the original version and if you are trying to get your morning dose of coffee butter, get dress and the whole spiel of the morning routine, something would normally need to go, but thanks to this brand you can really have it all and in a simple, but still very delicious way. Coffee Blocks Better Butter Coffee consists of course, coffee, grass-fed clarified butter, organic vanilla extract, organic virgin coconut oil and organic egg yolks and is also mycotoxin free. Coffee blocks are keto and Paleo diet approved,  GMO free and is naturally gluten-free. To enjoy just knead the packet, squeeze a coffee block into your mug, stir and enjoy.


Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste in Blackcurrant Flavor 

Full size | $6.99

The next product is geared towards children, however, it’s so good that the whole family will want to use it and it’s the Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste in the flavor Blackcurrant. Jack N’ Jill is an all-natural dental care line from Australia and the brand formulates all their toothpastes without SLS, they are BPA free, color free, sugar-free, fluoride free, there are no preservatives and they are also gluten-free, plus there’s no yucky after taste and is safe to swallow the brand states. This toothpaste leaves behind a slight sweet, tart berry taste and contains organic Calendula, Natural Blackcurrant flavor and is packed with Xylitol.

subscription-alert-daily-goodie-box-february-2017-edition-vermont-smoke-and-cure-cracked-pepper-beef-and-pork-stickVermont Smoke and Cure Cracked Pepper Beef and Pork Stick

Full size | $4.99

The Vermont Smoke and Cure Cracked Pepper Beef and Pork Stick is another product that was included in my Daily Goodie Box and these are very similar to a Slim Jim but the gourmet version, but still equally good. I like the flavor combo, it’s not spicy, it’s the perfect blend and they are great for a quick afternoon or anytime snack.


Nellie’s All-Natural Wow Stick Stain Remover 

Full size | $19.95 for 3 or $10.99 for 1

If you guys love Lush Cosmetics this is exactly what the Nellie’s All-Natural Wow Stick Stain Remover smells like. It has a citrusy scent with a slight hint of vanilla very similar to Lush Cosmetics King of Skin bar. The Wow Stick Stain Remover is all-natural, free of dyes and synthetic fragrances and is to be used right before you toss your garments into the wash and it’s easy as pie to use.

subscription-alert-daily-goodie-box-february-2017-edition-nellies-all-natural-laundry-sodaNellie’s  All-Natural Laundry Soda 

Full size | $18.90

And you know if there is going to be a stain remover stick included in this goodie box there has to be a detergent and of course Daily Goodie Box has us covered with the Nellie’s All-Natural Laundry Soda and this Laundry soda like its mate, is all-natural, organic, safe on skin, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals the brand states.

subscription-alert-daily-goodie-box-february-2017-edition-xyli-chew-spearmint-gumXYLICHEW Spearmint Gum

Full size | $1.89

The February Daily Goodie Box has included a great all-natural toothpaste, an all-natural detergent and stain stick to keep our clothes fresh and clean and now they have included an all-natural Spearmint gum by the brand XYLICHEW. This is a sugar-free gum that is sweetened through Birch Xylitol. The Xylitol works to reduce acid producing bacteria that causes tooth enamel to erode. XYLICHEW Spearmint gum does not contain any soy, Titanium Dioxide and is free of sweeteners and sugars and is also vegan.

subscription-alert-daily-goodie-box-february-2017-edition-stone-ground-whole-wheat-fig-bar-raspberryNature’s Bakery Fig Bar Raspberry

Full size | $2.99 for 6

If you are a fan of the original fig bars, but you would like a more natural version to fit your ever evolving natural living, lifestyle meet your new alternative and this is one fig bar that is not only natural, but tastes delish and it’s the Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar in Raspberry. This fig bar has the perfect balance between the right amount of tartness with a touch of sweetness. These bars are made with stone ground whole wheat and our dairy free, cholesterol free and no GMO’s in sight.

subscription-alert-daily-goodie-box-february-2017-edition-gorilly-goodsGorilly Goods Coast Curry Cashew & Fruit 

Full size | $26.28

If you are looking for a healthy natural snack that is not too much on the sweet side and is completely unexpected the Daily Goodie Box for February has one right here for you and it’s the Gorilly Goods Coast Curry Cashew and Fruit mix and these snacks are organic, raw, vegan and gluten-free. So what’s in the mix, well we have some Organic Cashews, organic raisins, organic coconut nectar, organic curry, sea salt, organic cayenne and organic coconut.


Dream Water  Sleep Powder in Snoozeberry

Full size | $6.99

Sweet Dreams are made of this and the Daily Goodie Box is going to help give us all a little hand in the sleep department by including the Dream water Sleep Powder in the sweet flavor Snoozeberry and this is a drug-free sleep promoter that the brand states is fast-acting so when sleep is not coming so easy you might want to reach for one of these with your physician’s approval of course. The brand states that their Dream Water Sleep Powder is to be enjoyed 30 minutes before bedtime and is suggested to be used before brushing your teeth.

subscription-alert-daily-goodie-box-february-2017-edition-just-chill-calming-beverageJust Chill Jamaican Citrus Sparkling Calming Beverage

Full size | $26.00 for 12

When traffic, work and your daily life has gotten you a little irritated and you cannot focus you know you just need to take a chill pill or in this case Just open a can of Just Chill Sparkling Calming Beverage and in my Daily Goodie Box they have featured the Jamaican Citrus flavor that is supposed to mimic the refreshing taste of a mojito with a very faint touch of mint. Just Chill works to improve memory, helps reduces anxiety and gets you to focus the brand states.

subscription-alert-daily-goodie-box-february-2017-edition-aloha-daily-good-greens-chocolate-blendAloha Daily Good Greens Chocolate Blend

Full size | $75.00 for 30 packets

If you are looking to get a dose of your daily greens without fearing the horrible taste that some supplement powders can have well the brand Aloha has you covered with their Daily Good Greens Chocolate Blend and it contains good for you organic superfoods, your daily dose of fruits and vegetables and naturally-occurring vitamin D all wrapped up in a convenient packet to have at home or on the go.

And there you have folks the February 2017 Daily Goodie Box and all of the featured samples that landed into my box and it was well worth the price, because it was all free, no shipping charges, no credit cards on file no hidden anything all you have to do is sign up and wait to get picked and your samples will be on the way almost just like the lottery just play, wait and eventually you will receive. I will see you all again soon with another post like and subscribe for more to come and definitely head over to Daily Goodie Box and get signed up if you like free stuff, snacks and lifestyle items this could be the box for you.


Purchasing Info:

Product reviewed: Daily Goodie Box February 2017 Edition

Subscription available @ Daily Goodie Box

Cost: $FREE.

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DISCLAIMER: The post that you have just read is a sponsored post. I have partnered with the brand Daily Goodie Box, to present their free monthly subscription to my readers/subscribers. Please see disclaimer for further details about sponsored posts. All views and opinions expressed are of my own, and is in no way dictated, affiliated or drawn through Daily Goodie Box’s  influence.

Please remember that I am not a doctor,dermatologist, herbalist, or health care specialist of any sort, so before adding, beginning or stopping any medication or skin care product of any sort please be smart and consult with your dermatologist or health care specialist, because what might work great for me, might be potentially harmful for another.


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