DIY Holiday Wine Bottle Centerpiece | A Modern Girl Recommends


DIY Holiday Wine Bottle Centerpiece | A Modern Girl Recommends

The holidays if you have not guessed, it is right upon us, it’s a knock, knock, knocking on our doors and with all the shopping, planning and endless checkout lines that we have been standing in, maybe a few things are getting left behind or maybe a strict budget is in play and one has not thought about a centerpiece to inspire not just the festivities, but the beauty of the holiday as well before you run out and pick up a centerpiece or skip one altogether,  here’s a fun DIY that pulls together any holiday theme gathering and it’s not only easy, but you’ll be putting all those empty wine or cider bottles to good use.

What you’ll need

3 Empty wine or cider bottles

1 Can of white spray paint primer

1 Can of light gray spray paint primer (optional)

1 Box of Epsom Salt

2-3 Ornaments

1  Display tray or charger plate

1 throwaway sheet baking pan

1 Drop cloth or cardboard box


A Modern Girl Recommends


A Modern Girl Recommends

Let’s get started


A Modern Girl Recommends

Step 1 Make sure your wine bottles are clean and dry and the labels have been removed prior to painting them. To remove labels fill the bottles with water first so they do not float when soaking them. Soak your bottles in warm water until the labels begin to pull away and just remove, if you have a stubborn bottle or two that just won’t budge soak a little bit longer and then use a scraper to remove, and of course be cautious not to cut yourself when using a scraper because the bottles do get quite slippery.

Step 2 Start by spray painting each bottle fully from top to bottle with your primer. A few coats of spray paint may be needed to fully coat your bottles. Allow them to dry fully before moving onto the next step. Drying will depend upon which brand of spray paint you have selected.


A Modern Girl Recommends

Step 3  only applies if you are going to be using more than one color for your bottles. With an alternate color spray over the primed bottle with the second color you have chosen for your centerpiece. For this DIY Holiday Wine Bottle Centerpiece I have chosen a light gray as my alternate color.

Step 4  Spray adhesive onto the outside portion of the bottle and make sure your bottle is coated well and then add Epsom over the adhesive. Make sure to do one bottle at a time do not move onto to the next bottle with adhesive or Epsom salt until you have finished one completely. It helps if you complete this step in a throw- away sheet pan where your adhesive mixes with the Epsom salt to better create the illusion of dusted snow while spraying your bottles.

Step 5  Once your bottles are fully coated with Epsom salt put them to the side to fully dry for 20 minutes.

Step 6  Spray a very light layer of the white primer over each bottle, even the non white bottles once they have dried this will brighten up your Epsom salt and deliver the final results of a snowy effect.

Step 7 Arrange your tray with your decorated bottles, add some holiday ornaments, trinkets and whatever you like for the holidays. Also add some flowers or extra Christmas tree branches and a little burlap and enjoy your holiday centerpiece.


DIY Holiday Wine Bottle Centerpiece | A Modern Girl Recommends


DIY Holiday Wine Bottle Centerpiece | A Modern Girl Recommends


DIY Holiday Wine Bottle Centerpiece | A Modern Girl Recommends

Thank you all for stopping by for my DIY Holiday Wine Bottle Centerpiece hopefully this inspired you all to create a DIY project for the holidays or anytime.  I will see you all again soon with another post and like and subscribe for more to come and Happy Holiday’s.

Links to products info:

Wine Bottles

Epsom salts

White Spray Paint Primer

Gray Spray Paint Primer

Elmer’s Adhesive Spray Glue


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