Ipsy December 2016 Glam Bag Spoilers! | A Modern Girl Recommends


Photos from Ipsy’s website

Welcome back readers, it’s that time again where we have started to search for any clues into the upcoming Ipsy Bag from the bag design to the featured samples a lot of us just wants some kind of a clue into what samples will land into our bag well, thanks to some investigating we now have a big hint into what we could be getting, and a special thanks in advance out to Wonder of Glam, for the full list of spoilers so let’s have a look.


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Photo from Ipsy’s website

All subscribers will receive one of these featured samples in their Ipsy Glam Bag for the month of December.


Photo from Ipsy’s website

So these are the full list of samples for the December 2016 Ipsy Bag and all of the samples are looking pretty good to me. If you ever wanted to give Ipsy a try, get on their waitlist and join in on all the beauty fun. See you all soon with  a beauty unbagging for Ipsy like the post and definitely subscribe for more to come.

Purchasing Info:

Product reviewed: Ipsy Bag December 2016 Samples Sneak Peek 

Available @ Ipsy*(Referral link)

Cost: $10.00 a month


Disclaimer: The Ipsy editorial post featured on A Modern Girl Recommends website, and all views and opinions expressed are of my own, and in no way dictated, affiliated or drawn through Ipsy’s influence. This post may contain affiliate links. You as the reader, subscriber or site visitor will not be charge anything for clicking on these links, they are direct links to products mentioned within the post. The photos featured in the Ipsy December 2016 Glam Bag Spoilers! are from Ipsy’s website and are not property of A Modern Girl Recommends.

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