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breaking-news-derma-e-skincare-relaunchI’m back readers and subscribers and for the month of October one of my favorite natural skincare lines Derma-e is getting ready to relaunch their line with all new packaging. Derma-e is taking their brand to the next level, and they have created packaging that matches the quality of their skincare, but for all the Derma-e skincare addicts have no fear, because the packaging might have changed, but they are still the same brand that delivers the same top quality ingredients and results just now with a new look, that is softer, a little more mature with a fresh sophisticated finish and Derma-e has given A Modern Girl Recommends readers a sneak peek into their new packaging that will be launching in 2017, however some of their new packaging is becoming available now, but the complete line of skincare will have new packaging that will be widely available in 2017, so until then let’s have a look at what we can expect from Derma -e in 2017.

Derma-e: Same amazing skincare line, just new packaging that has shown the brand is growing in a good way and here’s howbreaking-news-derma-e-skincare-relaunch-new-and-older-packaging


So here’s how the Derma-e packaging is actually going to change.  The original packaging featured more simplicity, but still very attention grabbing as a consumer of Derma-e products even if the name was taken off the box with its past packaging you couldn’t help, but to recognize that your were looking at a Derma-e  skincare product. Now Derma-e has completely change the packaging game on the consumer in a good way by making the new packaging less distracting, but still draws the consumer in. Derma-e’s new design features a cleaner look, a slight science meets skincare vibe, but still radiates healthy skincare. The new packaging design has a fresh sophisticated feel. The box is a softer white, and the design of the package almost looks like a skincare line that is found in a spa.



Derma-e’s Hydrating  Day & Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acidbreaking-news-derma-e-skincare-relaunch-new-packaging-against-older-packaging-edited

breaking-news-derma-e-skincare-relaunch-boxes-editedThe Derma -e Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid is sporting the new package design. Both the day and night creams still are featured in a glass bottle, however the newer glass bottle has more of a matte feel, unlike its original bottle that has the traditional clear glass look. The labels have also received a major makeover in the sense that the label on the new packaging is a clear matte label, and on the old packaging it’s a solid glossy label. The inside of the Derma-e boxes themselves also received a fun makeover now the packaging greets the consumer with a little nice message when you open the packaging, and in my opinion it’s a nice bonus.

So what do I think about Derma -e’s  new packaging linederma-e-relaunch-of-new-packaging


I love the new direction that Derma-e is taking their skincare line in. I feel like the line has more of an expensive feel to it now even though the prices are still within reach of one looking to venture into a natural skincare journey. As I have mentioned the new packaging has a more mature feel to it, but still at the same time radiates a youthful appearance. I also love that Derma-e did not get rid of their glass bottles, but has just changed them in a way that is agreeable. The line is definitely moving in a great direction, I mean they already make great natural skincare and by the brand changing their packaging that helped launched them into the skincare world is just a way of a brand successfully evolving. I mean the brand Derma-e has been and continues to reach many consumer markets from Birchbox, Ipsy, Glossybox, Sprouts, Vitamin Shoppe, whole Foods and the list goes on it was just a matter of time that the brand packaging would need to be successfully revamped.

And everyone, that was a glimpse into the skincare line by Derma-e  and their new packaging that is about to hit stores really soon so watch out, because Derma-e continues to be the natural and eco-conscious skincare line that delivers skincare results that are well received by many, and if haven’t ventured into their line maybe it’s time to think about it, because Derma-e is definitely worth putting on any beauty shopping list. I will see you all again soon, give this post some love and hit the like button and definitely subscribe, because you never know a giveaway could be coming very soon.

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DISCLAIMER:This is a paid, sponsored post. I have partnered with the brand Derma-e, to present their new brand packaging to my readers/subscribers. Please see disclaimer for further details about sponsored posts. All views and opinions expressed are of my own, and is in no way dictated, affiliated or drawn through Derma-e’s influence. 

Please remember that I am not a doctor,dermatologist, herbalist, or health care specialist of any sort, so before adding, beginning or stopping any medication or skin care product of any sort please be smart and consult with your dermatologist or health care specialist, because what might work great for me, might be potentially harmful for another.


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