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A Modern Girl Recommends September 2016 Birchbox

Birchbox for the month of September has definitely laid out a few surprises for their subscribers, from customer appreciation day, which has now come and gone to another one of their fun money-saving limited edition boxes, the thing with Birchbox is that the fun of beauty just keeps on coming and here’s yet another example my Birchbox for the month September is here for a box reveal, and I must say that the box design for September is by far my favorite design from the year, so let’s get things started with my Birchbox Subscription Box Review  for  September 2016, and stay tune for some coupons for new subscribers and current subscribers.birchbox-subscription-box-review-coupon-september-2016-box


birchbox-subscription-box-review-coupon-september-2016-oribe-cote-d-azur-body-creme-and-body-washOribe | Cote d’ Azur  Replenishing Body Wash + Restorative Body Creme

Full size | $42.00 – $65.00

Birchbox has made sure to include in their curated box this month two products that are more on the high-end luxury side, but still very worth giving them a go, and the duo that will probably break the bank for those on a budget that have taken an instant liking to is from the collection by Oribe called Cote d’ Azur, and these are the Replenishing body wash and Restorative Body Creme. Both the body wash and body creme is modeled after Oribe’s famous Cote d’ Azur fragrance, and the scent is not only intoxicating, but both of this items leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth.birchbox-subscription-box-review-coupon-september-2016-milk-makeup

birchbox-subscription-box-review-coupon-september-2016-sample-of-milk-makeup-cheek-and-lipMilk Makeup | Lip + Cheek – Perk

Full size | $24.00

The next item is a cream lip and cheek blush in the gorgeous color Perk by the brand Milk Makeup. In my opinion the color Perk is the perfect color for those that want to keep that perfect summer glow around a bit longer. The color Perk is a high-intensity coral, peach pink, and can be flattering on multiple skin tones. This blush, is a little different from other blushes on the market in the sense that Milk Makeup has formulated their Cheek and Lip blush with their very own Milk Melt Technology, and this basically means that once you apply their product  it will melt into your skin where you are able to build from a sheer look to a bold intense look.birchbox-subscription-box-review-coupon-september-2016-biodermaBioderma | Sensibio H2O

Full size | $16.90

Bioderma has been and continues to be a beauty cult classic that everyone pretty much has seen somewhere on their beauty journeys, whether online or in-stores, or maybe you currently use it,or know someone who uses it,  Bioderma has been around, and if you have not heard of Bioderma Birchbox has included a sample in some of their subscribers boxes for the month of September. Bioderma Sensibio H2O is a no-rinse makeup remover, and is stated by the brand to contain cucumbers and micelles that works to soothe skin during cleansing.birchbox-subscription-box-review-coupon-september-2016-loc-ultra-gloss-lip-pencil-purple-reignLOC | Ultra -Gloss Lip Pencil – Purple Reign

Full size | $12.00

The next item that I received is the LOC Ultra – Gloss Lip Pencil in the color Purple Reign. I love the color Reign, it’s the perfect purple that is not only flattering on many skin tones, but the color is rich and smooth and applies perfectly and lasts for a good long while. The LOC Ultra – Gloss Lip Pencil in Purple Reign has been by far my most liked sample featured in this months box.birchbox-subscription-box-review-coupon-september-2016-beautiful-nutrition-gentle-clarifying-treatmentBeautiful Nutrition |  Gentle Clarifying Treatment

Full size | $10.00

I had received the Beautiful Nutrition Gentle Clarifying Treatment in my January 2016 Glossybox, and it not only smells delish, but it gives hair a thorough deep cleanse. Beautiful Nutrition Gentle Clarifying Treatment works to remove hair residue buildup, and you use it in conjunction with your shampoo. It contains lemon extract that work by eliminating product buildup without stripping ones hair of moisture.birchbox-subscription-box-review-coupon-september-2016-unwash-cleansing-conditonerUnWash | Bio- Cleansing  Conditioner 

Full size | $36.00

This is yet another product that I have tried before and I absolutely love. I had first received UnWash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner in my February 2015 Glossybox , so over a year ago and I personally like it. UnWash Bio- Cleansing Conditioner is a cleansing conditioner that you have to kind of get use to, because it does not foam up like your traditional shampoo. UnWash is very similar to the Wen Cleansing Conditioner. I like that UnWash does not tangle my hair, it smells great and my hair looks great after every use.

And that was my Birchbox Subscription Box Review September 2016 edition. I’m definitely loving this box, I felted that the sample variety was perfect from hair care, skincare, body care to makeup the September Birchbox had covered subscribers with the perfect balance of samples. I also liked that Birchbox also featured a great deal of familiar brands, which is also nice and the box design was great. And there you have it folks, that concludes my Birchbox September 2016 Beauty Subscription unwrapping. I will see you all again soon with another beauty subscription unboxing and review.

Purchasing Info:

Product reviewed  Birchbox September  2016 Edition 

Available at: Birchbox (Referral Link)

Cost: $10.00 a month or  $110.00 a year PrePaid

Links to products mentioned

Oribe | Cote d’ Azur  Replenishing Body Wash + Restorative Body Creme

Milk Makeup | Lip + Cheek – Perk

Bioderma | Sensibio H2O

LOC | Ultra -Gloss Lip Pencil – Purple Reign

Beautiful Nutrition |  Gentle Clarifying Treatment

UnWash | Bio- Cleansing  Conditioner 


These coupon codes can only be used once, and are active at the time of A Modern Girl Recommends September 2016 Birchbox Post, however it is at Birchbox’s discretion to how long these codes are valid, or if they will honor them, however as of right now these codes are available for use.

For 15% off your Birchbox Shop order of $35.00 or more. Coupon Code: COMEBACK15OFF

Spending over $35.00 in the Birchbox Shop, don’t forget to add you free Mystery Sample Pack from the Gift with Purchases section it’s yours and it’s free with your purchase so don’t leave it behind.

Disclaimer: This beauty subscription Birchbox was purchased by A Modern Girl Recommends for review, and all views and opinions expressed are of my own, and is in no way dictated, affiliated or drawn through Birchbox’s influence. This post may contain affiliate links. You as the reader, subscriber or site visitor will not be charge anything for clicking on these links, they are direct links to products mentioned within the post.








2 thoughts on “Birchbox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – September 2016 | A Modern Girl Recommends

    • Thank you,and you are welcome. I’m really loving the products that were featured in the September Birchbox as well, and this box has to be without a doubt one of my favorite boxes that I received in the month of September,and by the way I seen your Birchbox and it looks like you received some really great samples as well.

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