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A Modern Girl Recommends Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

The fall and winter season will soon be approaching and I am one of those people who loves the cold weather months, and everything that it brings from the weather itself, to the wellies, cable knit sweaters, to the favorite jacket that I will finally get to summon from the wardrobe, and the endless cups of hot chocolate and the pumpkin spiced treats always makes it extra nice, but sometimes the best parts of the fall and winter can quickly become overshadowed by the negative effects that the colder months typically have on the skin like the blistering lips, dry, dull and irritated skin and then it becomes clear that you have lost that radiant summer glow.

I don’t know about you all, but like I said I love the colder months, and I want my skin to be radiant year-round, so I am getting a head start on that cold weather foe to skin, and I have incorporated an organic natural moisturizer by Valentia, and it’s their Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer, which is formulated to give dull, irritated and dry winter skin the boot, and here’s why I think it’s a must have moisturizer when you want to keep it simple, tackle anything, revive your skin, and be left with pretty great results.

About Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer


A Modern Girl Recommends Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer is all about waking up dull skin, by brightening skin, smoothing skin, diminishing those pesky fine lines and leaving you with skin that is to be envied and results that are visibly noticeable and appreciated, but what else does this all around moisturizer do?

  • It helps turn skin from dull to radiant
  • Gives all-day hydration
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines
  • Is also suitable for all skin types
  • Can be worn under makeup without disrupting the quality or finish of the makeup.
  • Lightweight and fast absorbing formula

A Modern Girl Recommends Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

Key ingredients in Valentia’s Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer  is made with natural ingredients and is paraben free. Pure Glow also contains some potent ingredients that works overtime to give the wearer the results of better skin. Some of those ingredients include:

Kojic Acid |  Which is widely known for aiding in helping to lighten skin, and is an antioxidant that works to naturally control the melanin production and dark spots.

Botanical Hyaluronic Acid |  This is a plant-based substance that works from within the skin to lock in moisture as well as to support skin elasticity along with plumping the skin from within.

Ginseng | Is another ingredient present in Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer, that is all about helping to firm the skin, ups collagen production, works to eliminate fine wrinkles overtime and helps energize tired skin.

Shea Butter | Not only does shea butter contain fatty acids, but it also contains regenerative vitamins that works overtime to provide skin with a boost of moisture, but does not stop there having shea butter as one of the ingredients in Pure Glow offers skin continued hydration, and works to keep skin nourished.

Safflower Oil |  Is extremely abundant in linoleic acid, which are key fatty acids that works to repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier, which offers superior protection for the skin.

And that’s how I will be working to prevent the winter blues effects on my skin before the cold months arrive, and keeping that summer radiant glow around. I think Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer offers it all for one’s skin. Skin stays hydrated, feels great and one is left with skin that is luminous. The brand Valentia is truly a company to watch out for, because they have it all products that are natural, organic and products that feel great on the skin. For more information on the skincare line Valentia, to connect with the brand, or to purchase Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer all links we be featured below.

Purchasing Info:

Product: Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

Cost: $25.00 for 4.0 Oz

Available @  or

Connect with the brand Valentia

Valentia Instagram + Valentia Beauty Facebook

DISCLAIMER:  This is a sponsored post. I have partnered with the brand Valentia, to present their Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer to my readers/subscribers. Please see disclaimerfor further details about sponsored post. 

Please remember that I am not a doctor,dermatologist, herbalist or health care specialist of any sort, so before adding, beginning or stopping any medication or skin care product of any sort please be smart and consult with your dermatologist or health care specialist, because what might work great for me, might be potentially harmful for another.


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