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Sunnylife Deluxe Tote Bag In Lennox


It’s Friday and the weekend is about to get started, but before the weekend arrives I thought I would share a quick post about a recent Birchbox purchase. I had purchased the Sunnylife Deluxe Tote Bag in the pattern Lennox, and this tote has been the perfect beach bag and an even better shopping tote.

I love the brand Sunnylife they are the Beach and home life brand to know, and  if you have not discovered them yet guess what it’s time to discover them. The company Sunnylife is an Australian based company, and they feature something to make every beach goers day on the sand or setting sail more fashionable, playful and definitely attention grabbing. I had  first discovered the brand Sunnylife from Birchbox back when I had  purchased their Fouta towel and my latest purchase is equally stunning.

Sunnylife Deluxe Tote Bag in Lennox

The Sunnylife Deluxe Tote Bag in the stunning and playful geometric design Lennox is the epitome of what a beach tote should be. Sunnylife has created a tote that is large enough where you can fit the essentials, and then a few added extras, however not huge enough where it’s going to weigh you down. The Deluxe Tote features one small/medium pocket with a zipper, that would be suitable for one’s  MP3 player, but you can forget about it holding your Iphone 6S Plus. This pocket will hold some currency, a credit card, one’s ID card, your favorite lipstick, a mirror or whatever must have item you absolutely need. The main part of the tote is large enough for your laptop, some magazines, your current book read, your tablet, beach towel, sunscreen and other beach essentials. The Sunnylife Deluxe Tote Bag in Lennox, is not only perfect for a day at the beach, but the places that you will take this tote extends further than a visit to the beach, but think trips to your local farmers market, carry-on bag, work bag and for the many adventures one may take.Sunnylife Deluxe Tote In LennoxThe Sunnylife Deluxe Tote Bag in Lennox  is a canvas tote that measures 18.6” x  13.8” and features a geometric white design against a nautical navy blue backing. This bag also features two natural untreated durable leather straps.

And that was a look into my Birchbox purchase of the Sunnylife Deluxe Tote Bag in Lennox. I am quite pleased with my purchase, and I know that this versatile tote will be with me for a long while. This tote is not only pretty, but extremely well-built and the pattern is perfect. I love that I can take this tote from the beach to the farmers market, and along with me when I travel. I also like that this tote is constructed in a way where it’s easy and light to carry, which makes it an ideal  shopper’s tote for me. Thanks for stopping by, and I will see you all soon with another post.

Purchasing Info:

Product reviewed  Sunnylife Deluxe Tote Bag in Lennox

Available at: Birchbox

Cost: $35.00

Birchbox monthly beauty subcription 

Available @ Birchbox (Referral Link)

Cost $10.00 a month or $110.00 a year Prepaid

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