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Birchbox September 2015 Box RevealBack with yet another BirchBox Plus edition this time around for the fleeing month of September, and this time the selections are a little less beauty orientated, and more tech convenient savvy and glam related. So before we bid farewell to the lovely month of September I thought we should dig right into my BirchBox Plus September 2015 Edition.

BirchBox Plus September 2015 Back Me Up Mobile Charger

BirchBox Plus September 2015 Mobile ChargerProduct 1  Back Me Up Mobile Charger

Price $30.00

The first product is a much-needed and much appreciated handy gadget that promises to all to have your phone’s back covered, and it also promise to look equally stylish while on the job. I am talking about the Back Me Up Mobile Charger. This charger helps with giving one that extra charge when out and about or traveling and one can’t use a traditional charger. The Ban. do Back Me Up Mobile Charge is a battery that you charger overnight, and once it is fully charge you pack it up, and take it on your daily journey and if you happen to get lost in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube or here on A Modern Girl Recommends you will have no dire need to sweat it just pull your mobile charger out, and hook it up to your device and the fun can continue. I absolutely love the idea. I am so happy I added this mobile charger as a plus item to my September BirchBox it is definitely a must for me and well worth every pretty penny I paid for it. I love the color blocking hot pink with gold fabulous! in my opinion. A little extra details about this tech savvy accessory:

  • This mobile charger best friend fits the Iphone 5/5S  and stated by to fit the new Iphone 6/6+
  • Charges up to 80% power on the IPhone
  • Battery charges through USB 2.0 connection
  • Lighting to USB Charging Cable included
  • An added tidbit phone cases might need to be removed while using your Back Me Up Mobile Charger.

BirchBox Plus September 2015 Kitsch Love Cuff BraceletBirchBox Plus September 2015 Kitsch Love CuffBirchBox Plus September 2015 Kitsch Love BraceletProduct 2 Kitsch Love Cuff Bracelet*

Cost $30.00

The next product that I had selected is all about celebrating and inspiring amor (love), and it did not disappoint. I love how simple yet very elegant this little cuff is, and it definitely slips right into any occasion very well. A little extra details about this love cuff. This cuff is by the company Kitsch, and wears like an old fashion classic vintage cuff from back in the day. The company Kitsch offers a variety of these inspiring cuffs, and they were created with the idea that whatever one you selected whether it’s one that is engraved with love, dream or hope that those words would become like mantras leading one throughout the day helping to inspire and capture those desires whether it be love or conquering a dream. Some added details about the Kitsch Love Cuff.

  • 14 Karat gold-plated over Brass
  • Size fits most

And, that’s a wrap of my BirchBox Plus September 2015 Edition. I loved that for the month of September the Plus items were completely out-of-the-norm, but still brought all the fun, beauty and class that is BirchBox. I have been enjoying all the BirchBox Plus finds for the month and they are not just somewhat practical, but definitely stylish.  And, if one is interested in getting in on all the fun that BirchBox has to offer and to take advantage of BirchBox Plus every month you are in luck, because for this month until the October 9th using my referral link below you will get your first BirchBox for $5.00 and be able to take part in future BirchBox Plus offerings, so let the fun begin if you dare.

Purchasing Info:

Product reviewed: Birchbox Plus September 2015 Edition

Items: Back Me Up Mobile Charger in Pink & Gold + Kitsch Love Cuff Bracelet *

Available at: Birchbox (Referral Link)

Cost: $10.00 a month or  $110.00 a year PrePaid


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