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GlossyBox September 2015 Box Review

It’s that time again for a subscription unboxing and it’s no other than the luxury beauty sample subscription company GlossyBox that is taking center stage. For those who might not be familiar with this particular company, here’s a quick intro to GlossyBox. GlossyBox curates and delivers each month to their subscribers deluxe size to full size top name brand beauty products, and first time beauty discoveries for the subscriber. I love that GlossyBox not only delivers top beauty products, but each month subscribers samples arrive in well put together packaging and in my opinion GlossyBox  has the best packaging by far in the beauty sample subscription business. GlossyBox beauty sample subscription plans start at $21.00 a month, and subscribers receive five luxury deluxe and occasionally full size beauty products, and I must say each month with GlossyBox is a beauty adventure. So that pretty much sum up the workings of GlossyBox, and what to expect each month. Now let’s get straight to the good stuff, and onto my unboxing of my GlossyBox September 2015 Box.

GlossyBox September 2015 Box Review Products FeaturedFor this month GlossyBox dressed up subscribers boxes with three full size, and two deluxe size beauty products. From skin care, hair care to makeup the September GlossyBox definitely offered some fun beauty treats.

GlossyBox September 2015 Box Review Julep Luxe LipProduct 1  Julep Luxe Up Your Lips in Sheer Coral

Full size $24.00

The first product featured is a luxury lip treatment by the ever so evolving brand Julep, and it is their Luxe Up Your Lips Sheer Coral lip gloss. Julep’s Luxe Up Your Lips is a tinted lip treatment that not only gives lips a hint of color, but nourishes and plumps. This lip treatment delivers a high gloss finish and is formulated with vitamin E, which helps promote healing as well as helps with keeping skin moisturize. Luxe Up Your Lips lip treatment is also formulated with pumpkin seed oil, which is stated by Julep to be omega-rich.GlossyBox September 2015 Box Review 12 Benefits Love At First Lather Foaming CleanserProduct 2 12 Benefits  Love At First Lather Foaming Hair Shampoo*

Full size $23.00

The next product that was included in my GlossyBox for the month is a hair care product by one of my favorite brands 12 Benefits, and the product I received is the 12 Benefits Love at First Lather Foaming Hair Shampoo. 12 Benefits in my opinion makes some of the best hair care products around, and this shampoo is all about giving hair that much-needed tender loving care after the thrill of summer has officially been deemed over. And, when one starts to see that their beachy waves hairstyle they have been sporting all summer long starts to look more like their hair has been done by a distracted three-year-old hair dresser, that was styling your hair while catching up on old Barney episodes while flat ironing your hair. Imagine the disaster there in an alternate universe that might just happen, but down here that excuse does not fly to why your hair suddenly went from elegantly done to looking fried. The reality is the summer season or any season can be rough on the hair, and this shampoo was created with the goal to help remove impurities, restore hair, repair texture and protect the hairs cuticle. This shampoo also acts as a sunscreen and contains coconut oil as well as sunflower oil.GlossyBox September 2015 Box Review Nails INC London Nail Polish in UptownProduct 3 Nails INC London Nail Polish in Uptown*

Full size $14.00

The next product that I received in my GlossyBox was a nail polish by the brand Nails INC London in the fabulous color Uptown. The color is a soft blushing rose-pink, and what I like about this polish is that it delivers a nice medium gloss almost matte finish. I think the color is a lovely bold, but delicate color great for many occasions when one wants to tone it down, but still sport a romantic, elegant polish finish look.I also liked that this nail polish was so pigmented that one coat was all I needed. I also loved that Nails INC London nail polish in Uptown applied evenly and dried super fast. Definitely a nail polish for the high-speed busy, working and party girl who has no time to slow down. This was a full size nail polish.

Glossybox September 2015 Box Review BiossanceProduct 4 Biossanse The Revitalizer

Full size $58.00

The September GlossyBox is the beauty subscription box that keeps giving and giving, and the next product to take center stage is a skin care product by the brand Biossanse and it is their Revitalizer. This serum helps to restore lost Squalane in the skin that overtime fades away. Squalane occurs naturally in our skin and starts to slowly,but surely disappear as early as in ones 20’s as stated by the brand. Squalane is what helps keeps one skin looking hydrated with that youthful radiant glow, Biossanse has created their Revitalizer to help recreate and replenish the lost Squalane in ones skin, and they have done this by using a plant-derived squalane. The brand states that their serum works to restore what was already there in ones skin. GlossyBox September 2015 Box Review Emite Make Up Artist Colour Powder Blush

Product 5 Emite Make Up Artist Colour Powder Blush in #108

Full size $22.00

And, last but truly not least the product to help wrap up the September 2015 GlossyBox was a makeup product by the brand Emite, and it is their beautiful Make Up Artist Colour Powder Blush in number 108. The color is a very pretty warm rose mauve like color, and definitely helps deliver a romantic makeup finish look when desired. The brand Emite states that they created their Make Up Artist Colour Powder Blush with the idea in mind that their blush not only is about giving beautiful color to ones cheeks, but is about promoting a natural and radiant glow.

And, that was my GlossyBox September 2015 Box unboxing and review. I absolutely thought this was an excellent box that GlossyBox curated for the month. I thought all the brands and products featured were perfect. The quality of the products were amazing. I look forward to further testing these beauty items and to see how well they hold up in the long run, but so far everything from the box has been perfect and that’s a wrap.

Purchasing Info:

Product reviewed: GlossyBox September 2015 Box

Available @ GlossyBox*(Referral link)

Cost: $21.00 a monthly,$60.00 3-month plan(Prepaid), $115.00 6-month plan (Prepaid), and $220.00 12-month plan (Prepaid).

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