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GlossyBox July 2015 BoxJust finishing up testing some of the products that were included in the July GlossyBox, and I thought I would share all the details about the array of beauty products featured, so let’s get to my GlossyBox July 2015 Box Reveal.  Keeping up to par the beauty sample subscription box company has continued to balance the scale with curating a monthly box that helps caters to subscribers monthly needs, and for July the box featured makeup, skin care, body care and hair care.July 2015 GlossyBox

For those who are not that quite familiar with GlossyBox here’s a quick overview of the company. GlossyBox delivers each month a box full of deluxe size, and quite occasionally full size beauty, skin care, hair care and makeup. All products that arrive monthly come from top quality brands, that one has either heard of,tried or wanted to sample  and sometimes brands that are completely new to the subscriber. GlossyBox puts the subscriber in the know by delivering beauty products, and educating the subscribers about different skin care, beauty and makeup on the market. GlossyBox box offers a monthly plan for $21.00 a month, a prepay plan for $60.00 for three months, a six month plan for $115.00 and a yearly prepay plan for $220.00 for 12 months.

The monthly plan for $21.00 a month can be cancelled at anytime, and the subscriber is not locked in. However, with the prepaid subscription you are locked in for the duration of the subscription. With GlossyBox subscribers cannot place their subscription on hold. And, that is pretty much how GlossyBox operates. Subscribers can also earn points for reviewing items that they have received in their box for the month, and once you reach one thousand points you earn a free box.GlossyBox July 2015 Box Reveal Items Featured

GlossyBox July 2015 Box Reveal Novex Brazilian KeratinProduct 1  Novex Haircare Brazilian Keratin Extra Deep Hair Care Cream

Cost $14.99

Novex Haircare Brazilian Keratin Extra Deep Hair Care Cream, is a vitamin-enriched hair Mask that promises to smooth as well as repair hair that has been damaged through continued use of hot hair tools like flat irons, curling irons and so on. This hair treatment cream is stated by the brand to be formulated with replenishing proteins and Keratin to help potentially restore the shine and smoothness. The product felted great on, and my hair definitely had some extra shine.GlossyBox July 2015 Box Reveal Kueshi Anticellulite BoosterProduct 2 Kueshi Anticellulite Booster

Cost $22.60

The next product featured in my GlossyBox July 2015 box was from the familiar brand Kueshi. It has been quite a while since subscribers received anything from the skin care line Kueshi, last time it was a soothing toner that I absolutely love, however this time around subscribers received Kueshi’s Anticellulite Booster, and I am interested in further testing out this product. I’m mean who can truly say they do not have cellulite, and if not just wait she’s coming. The Kueshi Anticellulite Booster is a treatment that is enriched with flavonoids from the astragalus root, and it is stated by the brand to help potentially stop the formation of fat cells. Kueshi Anticellulite Booster works with existing cellulite to help control, smooth as well as prevent future cellulite. Some of the ingredients featured in this body cellulite smoothing cream includes butcher’s broom, lemon peel as well as goldenrod flower, which can potentially help with reducing swelling. Definitely a product I look forward to continuing sampling.

GlossyBox July 2015 Box Reveal Hey Honey I Peel Good! Biomimetic Honey Peel CreamProduct 3  Hey Honey I Peel Good!

Cost $59.00

The next product included in the July GlossyBox was from the brand Hey Honey, and subscribers were able to sample I Peel For Good! natural exfoliant. Hey Honey I Peel Good! is stated by the brand to be suitable for all skin types, because it does not contain AHA. This exfoliating peel is all about restoring and improving  the skin’s elasticity as well as smoothing ones texture. Hey Honey I Peel Good offers the skin exfoliation, hydration and protection, however the benefits of I Peel Good extends beyond exfoliating, hydrating and protection for the skin this treatment can potentially help with reducing the appearance of stretch marks.GlossyBox July 2015 Box Reveal Naked Lips Peppermint Lip BalmProduct 4 Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm

Cost $5.50

The next item was a lip care product by Naked Lips and it is their Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint. This lip balm is stated by the brand to contain a blend of antioxidant-rich oils from fruits and berries. Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint works to protect ones lips. The scent is refreshing and leaves a nice subtle shine. I love the fact that this is an organic lip balm that works to protect and nourish one lips, and is free of some of those harmful ingredients.GlossyBox July 2015 Box Reveal Face Stockholm Lip LinerProduct 5 Face Stockholm Lipliner

Cost $17.00

To top off the July GlossyBox subscribers received in their boxes a lovely neutral blush rose-pink lip liner, and I must say the color is absolutely beautiful, and great in my opinion for a romantic fresh face lip look. Face Stockholm Lip liner has a smooth and creamy formula that applies easily. Face Stockholm lip liner is infused with vitamin C, vitamin E and it’s made with fruit-derived wax. The formula, the consistency and color are perfect.

And, that was my GlossyBox July 2015 Box Reveal. GlossyBox again delivered a well-balanced box that offered head to toe products to pamper ones self throughout the month and year. The July GlossyBox definitely featured a quite few cult favorite beauty brands. I am definitely looking forward to further testing these products out, and learning more about these featured brands. I liked that a lot of the products featured in the July GlossyBox contained amazing beneficial ingredients. Until next time that’s a wrap.

Purchasing Info:

Product reviewed: GlossyBox July 2015 Box

Available @ GlossyBox*(Referral link)

Cost: $21.00 a monthly,$60.00 3-month plan(Prepaid), $115.00 6-month plan (Prepaid), and $220.00 12-month plan (Prepaid).


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