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Birchbox Plus July 2015 Sunnylife Fouta Towel in Sorrento

Just in time to wrap up the month of July is my Birchbox Plus July 2015  item selection, and just on first impressions I am very pleased with my decision to add the Sunnylife Fouta Towel in the lovely color combination Sorrento to my July Birchbox as a plus item.

Birchbox Plus July 2015 SunnylifeAbout the brand Sunnylife

The company Sunnylife was started in Australia and is all about bringing  into play the sunnylife, that experience of driving up the coast and spending a day at the beach. The company started in 2003, and presented to the consumer in my opinion beautiful and stylish lifestyle items that bring a little color and truly a lot of playfulness. The company Sunnylife captures that moment and designs each of their amazing towels, home and other accessories with that moment of Sunnylife in mind.

Birchbox Plus July 2015 Sunnylife Fouta Towel

All about the Sunnylife Fouta

The Sunnylife Fouta towel unlike the average beach towel better absorbs water, and gets softer after every washing. However, the this towel expands much further than your typical beach towel and just to name a few other uses for the fouta towel:

  • If you think this towel is too pretty to tote to the beach and get it all dirty with sand have no worries, because this fouta can keep you warm. The Sunnylife Fouta doubles as a lovely throw blanket. And, I must say it’s awfully pretty drapped over a chair or your couch looking for attention.
  • And, if one is not interested in using their fouta as a throw still don’t worry, because this multi  uses towel can be used as a table-cloth as well.
  • Or wear as a fashionable scarf to stay warm and look good at the same time.
  • The Sunnylife Fouta towel is made of one hundred percent cotton.
  • Features cotton tassels
  • This Fouta measures 90 x 175 x 0.2 cm
  • Cost $35.00

Birchbox Plus July 2015

What I like about the Sunnylife Fouta?

Firstly, I love the color combination of this fouta and it’s definitely not your typical beach towel that gets weighted down with water, and sand and then weighs you down. I like that this is a light weight multi -purpose towel that looks, and feels amazing. I am now a fan of the fouta towel, and the company Sunnylife. The Sunnylife Fouta is definitely the perfect towel for two.

And, that was my Birchbox Plus July 2015 item that I had added. As usual the items that I receive in the Birchbox Plus add-on are of excellent quality, and the Sunnylife Fouta in Sorrento was no exception. The quality was perfect and it offers both beauty and functionality.

Purchasing Info

Product reviewed  July 2015 Birchbox Plus Sunnylife Fouta Towel in Sorrento

Available at: Sunnylife

Cost $35.00

Birchbox Monthly Subscription available @ Birchbox  (Referral link)

Cost: $10.00 a month or  $110.00 a year PrePaid


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