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BKR Glass Water Bottle

BKR Limited Edition Bambi Heart Glass Water

I recently just purchased one of the beautiful limited edition BKR Heart glass water bottles. The one I purchased was the Bambi Heart and I absolutely love it!. This water bottle is a neon pink with a black daring heart. The company BKR was founded by Tal Winter and Kate Cutler, two lawyers from San Francisco that happened to be close friends that not only loved pretty things, but lived for designer fashions and on trend styles and that was the beginning of their fabulous glass water bottle line. Both Winter and Cutler quit their jobs, and started off on their journey to bring the consumer something that has not really been seen before a more stylish lifestyle accessory. The BKR glass water bottle, is great for a number of reasons just to name a few: the line is all about being stylish and having a stylish accessory, and at the same time delivering an accessory that is not only pretty, but is  playful, girly, mischievous, and daring all rolled into one. And, these characteristics can be seen in their fabulous range of glass water bottles. The BKR Glass water bottle line, is an accessory one dares not store behind their kitchen cabinet, it is a lifestyle accessory that needs to be seen.

BKR Glass Water Bottle line: The Birth of the Brand, The Bottle  and The Style.

Limited Edition Bambi Heart BKR Glass Water Bottle

BKR Limited Edition Bambi Heart Glass Water

BkR glass water bottle line, was created with the idea that there needed to be a water bottle for the fashion savvy and for the woman who knows what she wants and knows she will not be without, but fellas don’t walk away yet thinking these fashionable accessories are only for us ladies, because BKR, has the guys covered as well with male friendly color water bottles that are equally stylish with a lot of edge.

BKR Bottles

Limited Edition BKR Bambi Heart Glass Water


BKR Glass Water Bottles

BKR Limited Edition Bambi Heart Glass Water

  • BKR Glass Water Bottle have been taking the lead in stylish drinking accessories for three years and counting and gaining fans and admirers.
  • Every Bkr water bottle is a glass bottle, which I happen to like because glass water bottles are definitely a lot easier to keep clean and the number one bonus is that they are BPA free.
  • What makes them so attractive is that they are encased in silicone covers.
  • The Bkr line offers a vast range of colors, and a great limited edition line that features different colors with an equally adorable heart.
  • The BKR water bottle line comes in two available sizes, which are a 500 ml and 1 liter.
  • BKR water bottles are Glass bottles with a removable silicone sleeve.
  • One can not purchase additional silicone sleeves for their water bottle at this time. Silicone sleeves are sold only as a complete unit e.g. water bottle and silicone sleeve.
  • The company BKR created a glass water bottle line, that was somewhat similar to an actual plastic bottle with a virtually spill proof top piece.
  • These stylish glass water bottles are stated to be free of phthalate by BKR.
  • BKR Glass Water Bottles cost $30.00 for  500 ml, $35.00 for the limited edition heart designs and $42.00 for the liter. The liter bottles are not available with the limited edition signature heart.
BKR Limited Edition Glass water bottle

BKR Limited Edition Bambi Heart Glass Water

Why I love BKR Glass Water bottles?

Simply, because they are stylish, functional, they are gorgeous in my opinion, top quality and built to last in my opinion. I also love the BKR Glass Water Bottle line, because the line is absolutely playful and a tad whimsical. The BKR Glass Water Bottle line, has become a favorite for me. I like that the small handle on the cap makes carrying this stylish water bottle on hikes, to the beach, gym or wherever the adventure begins for the day a breeze for me. I also like that the size of the water bottle, that I  had selected to purchase fits great in my cup holders. And, an added bonus is that BKR Glass Water Bottles are dishwasher safe for most dishwashers. For cleaning care all one has to do is remove the silicone sleeve and place into dishwasher as stated by BKR.

And, that is my review on this adorable and fun water bottle, by the continuous growing company BKR. As many have guessed it by now this fun BKR Glass Water Bottle, has become a functional lifestyle accessory that rarely leaves my side and is hardly hidden. The size, design and functionality is perfect in my opinion, yes it’s just a glass water bottle, but it is a glass water bottle with style, class, and grace that is also built great.

Purchasing info:

Product reviewed: BKR Bambi Heart

Available @ Nieman Marcus* The black limited edition bottle with pink heart is available at Nieman Marcus, as well as other glass water bottles from the BKR line, Birchbox, has some of the limited edition heart water bottles including the Bambi Heart available as well as other BKR water bottles & BKR has the complete line.

Cost: $35.00 for limited edition heart, $30.00, and $42.00. The BKR Limited Edition Heart Glass Water bottles are $36.00 at Birchbox

Available in two sizes: 500 ml or liter

2 thoughts on “BKR Glass Water Bottle | A Modern Girl Recommends

    • I know they are definitely the best and I love their collection. BKR glass water bottles, are the best on the market by far in my opinion. I am definitely expanding my collection, and getting the liter and another color.

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