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Hyperbiotics Pro-Immune Advanced Strength Probiotic   Supplement
With the joy of winter comes all the fun the season has to share. Winter becomes a time when you reach for your favorite winter attire, or you leap to the nearest store for a whole new winter wardrobe.  You put on your favorite pair of boots that have been tucked away in your closet awaiting for the season to come. And, finally you have a  taste of your favorite warm drink, whether it’s a hot chocolate, a latte or perhaps a hot toddy, and cozy up by a warm inviting fireplace. Maybe you have been celebrating a rain storm, or a subtle rain shower of the season with your favorite pair of rain boots or wellies ready to embrace the winter season. The winter season all sounds pretty good until it’s interrupted by one the most dreaded part of winter when the cold and flu season hits, and you try to avoid it. Even if one takes the proper precautions one can still be at risk of that downer part of winter. So for me  personally I have added a great immunity strengthening supplement, which is Hyperbiotic’s Pro-Immune Advance Immune Formula. Before, I continue to discuss about this supplement please keep in mind that I am not a doctor, nutritionist, herbalist or any type of health care provider. So please before adding or taking any medication or supplement consult with your physician, because what might work great for me, might be potentially harmful for another. I had selected Hyperbiotic’s Pro-Immune Advanced Immune Formula Supplement to help boost my immune system to help hopefully defend against winter colds.

About the brand Hyperbiotic’s

Hyperbiotic’s, is a company that specializes in creating probiotics. All of their supplements are grow and are made in Lafayette, CO. The company Hyperbiotic’s mission is about creating the best probiotic that they can for the consumer market, and at the same time educating the consumer about the potential benefits one can reap from including probiotics in their vitamin regimen.

Why is Hyperbiotic’s Pro Immune Advanced Immune Formula Supplement so different from other immune supporting supplements?

Hyperbiotic’s, uses their patented technology to formulate their Pro-Immune supplement, that helps to delivers more bioavailable vitamins as well as minerals. Hyperbiotic’s has stated that their Pro-Immune Advanced Strength supplement is fifteen times more effective than probiotic capsules. What is great is that Hyperbiotic’s formulation of their Pro-Immune supplement is reported by the company to be able to reach further into ones intestinal tract alive. Hyperbiotic’s is an advanced immunity support supplement.

  • Hyperbiotic’s uses a key ingredient in their supplement named Epicor, which is a fermented (deactivated) yeast superfood, that works in three ways that can help strengthen the immune system.
  • First, Epicor is stated  by their company Hyperbiotics, to first help with strengthen one’s first line of defense, which is one’s skin and the mucous membrane.
  • The second, way Hyperbiotic’s Pro-Immune, helps to build support for one’s immune system is that Epicor starts to stimulate the three major types of the immune cells.
  • And, the third way Hyperbiotic’s Pro-Immune helps build support for the immune system is that Epicor helps to support the production of  T-Cell and B-Cell immune factors.
  • Hyperbiotic’s Pro-Immune is packed with some great ingredients that can help to promote and support one’s immune system. Ingredients such as:
  • 500 mg of Vitamin C
  • 100 mg of Echinacea
  • 10 mg Chelated Zinc
  • Hyperbiotic’s Pro-Immune, is not only an immune supporting supplement, but it is also a probiotic combined.

What I like about Hyperbiotic’s  Pro-Immune?

I like the quality of the ingredients that go into making Hyperbiotic’s Pro-Immune. The company Hyperbiotic’s in my opinion is way advance in their thinking, and the way they produce their supplements. Their approach to the consumer is a great approach, Hyperbiotic’s as a company is not only trying to sell the consumer their probiotics supplements, but they are going that extra mile to stop, and take the time to educate their customers or potential customers not only about their supplements, but  the importance of probiotics in every aspect.

And, that is my review on Hyperbiotics Pro-Immune Advanced Immune Formula Supplement. For more information about the company Hyperbiotic’s and their Pro-Immune supplement, please see links and details below. This a new brand discovery  for me and so far I am enjoying their product. I am  definitely interested in trying other supplements from their line.

Purchasing info

Product name Hyperbiotics Pro-Immune Advanced Immune Formula

Cost $19.95

Available at: Amazon

For more information about the company Hyperbiotics and their Pro-Immune Advanced Immune Formula supplement please visit their website at: Hyperbiotics

DISCLAIMER:  This is a sponsored post. I have partnered with Hyperbiotic’s, to present their Hyperbiotic’s Pro-Immune Advanced Immune Formula Supplement to my readers/subscribers. Please see disclaimer for further details about sponsored post.  I am not being monetarily compensated for this post.Also again please consult with a professional health care provider before beginning any vitamin regimen. 

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