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December 2014 Limited Edition Holiday Box

GlossyBox, has released a special holiday limited edition box that is not only stunning with its  holiday inspired packaging, but features great full-size products and one deluxe -size sample of perfume that puts the “I” in incredible. I just received my box and as usual the company GlossyBox spared no detail left behind in releasing such a beautiful box. For the Holiday limited edition box GlossyBox has ditched subscribers usual pretty pink box, and added some holiday luxury, and sizzle by creating an elegant velvet- like box with gold trim, that is surely too beautiful to toss away. The products featured in the new limited edition holiday GlossyBox, are all luxury name brands, and definitely brands that we have seen, own, or have heard of.

December  2014 Holiday Limited Edition GlossyBox

So, what is the difference between the holiday limited edition box and the monthly GlossyBox?

  • The limited edition boxes by GlossyBox, are normally priced higher, because the items tend to be full-sized.
  • Both the monthly GlossyBox, and the limited edition boxes feature luxury and notable brands that one might  have heard of,seen, or brands that could be completely new to one.
  • The new limited edition holiday GlossyBox cost $40.00, and  the monthly Glossybox is $21.00 a month.
  • The limited edition boxes are only available for a limited time, or until they sell out.

Now, without further ado let’s get to unboxing the new limited edition holiday GlossyBox.

December 2014 GlossyBox Limited Edition Box

GlossyBox December Limited Edition Box Reveal

Teadora Lip Butter

Teadora Nourishing Lip Butter In Rain Forest At Dawn   Pic

Product 1 Teadora Nourishing Lip Butter in Rainforest at Dawn

Retail value $15.00

Teadora is a brand that I have been quite familiar with for a while, and I was pleased to know that Teadora’s Nourishing Lip Butter, would be one of the featured products in the new limited edition holiday GlossyBox. Teadora’s Nourishing Lip Butter in Rainforest at Dawn, has a slight exfoliant within the lip butter. The fragrance and taste are  similar to fresh squeezed orange juice and orange peels. The fragrance is very refreshing in my opinion. Besides from having a heavenly scent Teadora’s Nourishing Lip Butter, is packed with some great ingredients in my opinion. Ingredients like maracuja, acai oils, and mango butters. I like that the size of Teadora’s lip butter is not a small bottle that one can only get a few uses of, but is large enough where it should last a while.

NCLA Nail Lacquer in Satin Sheets, Velvet Ropes

Product 2  NCLA Nail Lacquer in Satin Sheets, Velvet Ropes

Retail value $16.00

NCLA Nail Lacquer in the color Satin Sheets, Velvet Ropes invokes everything that the holiday stands for. The color is beautiful, daring, glamorous, and festive. The color is  like cranberries, on a red velvet coat, with a gold backdrop gleaming as a finishing touch. I have heard of the brand NCLA, however I have not previously purchase, but now after trying I will be coming back for more of their polishes to try.  NCLA polishes are not only beautiful, but the colors are strong and are formulated to last in my opinion. I love that NCLA polishes are also 5- free.

The Lip Bar Lipstick

The Lip Bar Lipstick In The Color Crimson Wonderland

Product 3  The Lip Bar Lipstick in Crimson Wonderland*

Retail value  $25.00

The Lip Bar Lipstick in Crimson Wonderland, is a limited edition color that has been released just in time for the holiday season. The color is described by Lip Bar and GlossyBox, as a candy apple red, but in my opinion is a  beautiful vintage red one would expect to see worn by a femme fatale in one of those classic detective movies . The color is a deep daring  red, but at the same time light and intriguing where wearing it commands attention in a good way. I love the packaging that The Lip Bar uses to encase their lipsticks it reminds me of the stain glass window look.  I like that the Lip Bar, uses ingredients like organic shea butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil to make their lipsticks, and another added bonus, and the most important is that the Lip Bar states that their lipsticks are cruelty-free.


Jouer Lip Gloss in the Color  Wind


Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Wind

Product 4 Jouer  Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Wind *

Retail value $20.00

Jouer a familiar brand in many beauty sample subscription boxes, however this is the first time I have tried Jouer, and I must say I like this lip gloss. The color is not only pretty and playful, but the consistency is amazing, it is not sticky, but goes on smooth and truly keeps my lips feeling hydrated. I also like that this lip gloss is not super glossy where it looks like one applied oil opposed to lip gloss to their lips. Jouer lip gloss contains vitamin E, jojoba seeds, and shea butter. Jouer lip gloss has become a new favorite for me.

GlossyBox Limited Edition Holiday Box Korres Volcanic   Minerals Volumizing Mascara (1)


GlossyBox Limited  Edition Holiday Box Korres Volcanic   Minerals Volumizing Mascara

Product 5 Korres Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara

Retail value $20.00

Korres Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara, was another product that I was eager to try. What makes this Korres Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara, so different is that the company has stated that their mascara contain volcanic soil as one of its key ingredients, and it is stated by Korres to help increase lashes by six hundred percent allowing for longer fuller lashes.

GlossyBox  Limited Edition  December 2014 Box Cargo    Texasliner Liquid Eyeliner

Product 6 Cargo Texasliner Liquid Eye liner*

 Retail value $20.00

And, no beauty sample subscription box would be complete without an eyeliner, and the one that has landed in The New Limited Edition Holiday GlossyBox, is a good one by an equally great brand, and it is the Cargo TexasLiner Liquid Eyeliner, and what I like about this liquid eyeliner is that one can toss their eyeliner pencil sharpeners out, because like a lot of makeup brands Cargo has eliminated that old fashion time-waster of having to sharpen your eyeliner, or when you are almost done putting your eyeliner on when snap the eyeliner breaks mid- application. Cargo has taken out the occasional stress of applying your eyeliner. Cargo TexasLiner Liquid Eyeliner is a water-base eyeliner.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Colour Concentrates   In The Color Smote

Product 7 Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Colour Concentrates in Smote*

Retail value $14.00

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, was featured in GlossyBox subscribers September boxes, and it was the Lip Tar which is a  lip and cheek stain. This time GlossyBox included a loose eye shadow in an attractive subtle sparkle plum color named Smote. I love that the color is concentrated where a little goes a long way, and the color is rich in pigment. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Colour Concentrates in Smote, is a holographic micronized color.

Calvin Klein Reveal

Product 8  Calvin Klein Reveal Fragrance *

Retail value $24.00 -$90.00

Calvin Klein fragrance Reveal, is my top favorite product from The New Limited- Edition Holiday GlossyBox, that I absolutely love. The scent is not only seductive, modern, but is also on the crest of glamorous. The scent is like a beautiful formal beach party at evening, and you catch the salty ocean breeze, and then wonderful tropical beach flowers with a touch of sweetness lurking behind, and then a smokey finish as tough the camp fire is comfortably radiating just the right amount of romantic light, that is similar to warm Sandalwood and a touch of musk. Reveal fragrance by Calvin Klein, truly invokes the brand with its chic, modern, yet seductive side.

And, that was my reveal and review of the new limited edition holiday GlossyBox, in opinion worth every bit of the money. All products that were featured in the holiday box were all familiar name brands, and seven products were  full-size and one product which was the Calvin Klein Reveal perfume was a deluxe- size product, but one would not know it was a deluxe -size product, because it is quite a large sample. The limited edition holiday GlossyBox, was everything that GlossyBox, stands for in my opinion, the box was fabulous, beautiful, fun, included products that were daring and full of luxury this limited edition box was one of my favorites so far that I have received.


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