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Makeup by One Direction photo courtesy of Markwins

Ladies, One Direction fans, make-up enthusiasts, and fans of the Looks Collection, the ever so popular growing and talented group One Direction, has just expanded their evolving make-up collection, and the groups new limited edition makeup sets includes everything not just to get you One Direction ready, but work ready, date ready, and glam ready.These new limited edition sets are the sequel to the well received Looks Collection, that came available to the consumer market this year. The new makeup collection by One Direction, is  just like before, but revamped with even much more thrill also includes everything, but the guys themselves.I am a huge fan of the first Looks Collection, that hit the consumer market. From the lipstick to the mascara every aspect of The Looks Collection, keeps giving, and in a good way from the products to the impeccable packaging.


Makeup by One Direction photo courtesy of Markwins


Limited Editions Makeup Kits By One Direction New Pic

Photo posted and taken by author and owner of site Amoderngirlrecommends.



Makeup by One Direction photo courtesy of Markwins

The guys of One Direction, clearly know what women want, because they have come back with an amazing makeup collection, that is here to invoke our wild side, to step outside of our norm, and let loose, but still carry our fun  playful side, be glamorous, a little tame, a whole a lot of wildness, but still radiating  class, and sophistication with a touch of edge .The new makeup collection by One Direction, tends to bring out one’s flirtatious and whimsical side.The collection, is design to help one to be able to take a leap into their playful side, that untamed version. The new makeup collection by One Direction, screams fun, exciting, and lures with electrifying colors a throwback to the 80’s . The collection is vibrant, and alluring with colors that are bright, stunning, and commands attention.

Makeup By One Direction New Pic

Photo posted and taken by author and owner of site Amoderngirlrecommends.

What do I Love About the new makeup Collection By One Direction?

  • The first limited edition makeup  collection that One Direction, released this year was playful, sophisticated, and definitely a little mischievous, however their new collection that the guys of One Direction has created is about invoking  this facetious girl/woman inside of us. To awaken not only her playful side, but to release her wildest personality tempting her with steps she’s never has taken before, but were always lurking inside. The new makeup collection is about being  bold, daring, dark, in control, sultry maybe a little risqué,maybe raise an eyebrow here and there, and definitely raise intrigue and admires every step one takes.
  • I also  love that  from the eye shadows, to the lip glosses the quality is excellent, and highly pigmented and gives a beautiful finish look that gets one out the door ready for the adventures that are awaiting.
  • I am also a fan of the packaging. The collectors tin is built to last hard use, and looks fabulous on one’s vanity in my opinion.
  • The colors that are included in collectors kits are an absolute gem. Great quality all the way.
  • Each kit that was created for the new expanded  collection, the guys of One Direction, was there for the creative process and definitely adding input. I love that One Direction, definitely took creating a versatile makeup line seriously, and  the fact that they chose the reputable, and equally prestigious and renown Markwins, to represent the creation of a fantastic collection is just an added bonus. One Direction, went to one of the best leading developers of cosmetics to entrust, and create a stellar line for all to enjoy.
New  Makeup kits by One Direction New Pic

Photo posted and taken by author and owner of site Amoderngirlrecommends.

So, What’s in the new limited Makeup Collections by One Direction?

  • Well, a full basic makeup collection to tackle pretty much all ones basic makeup needs. Each limited edition kit same as before is centered around each of  the talented members of One Direction, however this time each kit all includes the same beautiful products and colors.The consumer will just have to decide which One Direction members collectors tin will grace their vanity. So all you have to do is decide whether you want to take Harry, Zaym, Louis, Neil, Liam home with you, and unwrap their collection, but if one is having a difficult time choosing please don’t fret just grab the whole collection, and add them to your collection, because they are glamorous , sophisticated, wild, and flirtatious kits, and most importantly affordably priced. Great for the true makeup enthusiasts alike, and for moms, sisters, aunts, you get the idea.
  • There are a total of five limited edition kits that have been release, and  that are available for the new expanded makeup collection by One Direction.
  • Each kit comes in a stylish collector tin.
  • All five kits includes Eye shadows in the colors: Nobody Compares, which is a beautiful metallic silver, Tell Me A Lie, a daring metallic nude pink, Same Mistakes, a gorgeous metallic mint, I Would, is a smokey and earthly Brown shimmer, Summer Love, which is an equally gorgeous smokey regal purple haze, and last but surely not least is this fabulous color named Everything About You, which is a mischievous black shimmer.
  • Each kit includes an eye pencil in the color I Want, and is a true matte black.
  • Lip Gloss in the colors  Loved You At First, which is a Bubble Gum Pink, One Thing, is a frosted pink ice color, Irresistible, is a shimmered pearl, and Heart Attack, which is a tempting creamy rose shine color. All highly pigment versatile colors.
  • The kits all include a lip gloss top coat.
  • Nail Varnish  in the color Stole My Heart which is an alluring playful magenta pink shimmer and  the color Alive, a tempting multi-color glitter flakes.
New Makeup Kits by One Direction new pic

Photo posted and taken by author and owner of site Amoderngirlrecommends.

So, where and when can one buy the new Looks Collection by One Direction?

  •  The kits are available now to purchase.
  • Available at: Sears USA
  • Kmart
  • Target
  • Walmart Canada

zhgiqwCCRI2ZKbjHAyoc_isQXkriaS4a6VbDRR9oH_Open_NiallThe Looks Collection Makeup Kit Giveaway

Amoderngirlrecommends, has partnered with Markwins, and One Direction, to help launch their newest addition to their evolving makeup collection, that has already hit the stores shelves, but for my subscribers/readers you can have the opportunity to nab your very own kit from The New Collection by One Direction.One lucky subscriber will have the opportunity to win one of  the fabulous kits created by One Direction. To enter follow instructions below and good luck.

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DISCLAIMER:  This is a sponsored post. I have partnered with Markwins to present the launch of One Direction Looks Collection to my readers/subscribers. Please see disclaimer for further details about sponsored post.  I am not being monetarily compensated for this post.

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