Old Factory Candles Review + Giveaway

Fall Harvest Scented Candles by Old Factory Candles   Company #5

Fall Harvest Scented Candles by Old Factory Candles

I recently discovered these fabulous scented candles that are sure to awaken the Fall season into ones home with their true-to-scent fragrances, and at the same time help get one ready for the seasons to come. Especially If one is having a difficult time bidding farewell to Summer days until next year, and you are still holding onto the Summer season a bit tighter. I mean the scents of a Pina Colada, Mojitos, Strawberry Daiquiri, the beach, and the salty beach breeze is hard to let go of, however the fragrances of Fall are awaiting and are just as good. So, the product that has helped me get a fun start to the Fall season are these wonderful natural soy-base candles by the company Old Factory Candles, and I have absolutely fallen for these candles, because they have become the perfect Fall anytime household treat. I am a fan of candles from brands such as Voluspa, to Yankee candles, and now of the Old Factory Candles. I love how these candles are a small way up beautifying a room with a welcoming scent, and that is exactly what these wonderful Old Factory Candles, helps one accomplish and so much more.

Old Factory Candles Fall Harvest Candle Set

Old Factory Candles Fall Harvest Candle Set

Old Factory Candles Fall Harvest Set

Old Factory Candles Fall Harvest Set In the scents Cranberry, Pumpkin Spice, and Autumn Leaves


 About Old Factory Candles

  • Old Factory Candles are hand-poured.
  • The company uses soy wax, which I love because candles that contain soy wax tends to burn cleaner,and definitely even.
  • The company Old Factory Candles, uses only premium fragrance oils which like many I like, because it insures that the fragrance is going to be evenly dispersed throughout ones home, but at the same time will not have an overpowering fragrance, which would take away from the experience if they were not premium.
  • These  candles are true-to- scent, which in my opinion is amazing, because many times people purchase candles that are supposed  to have  a particular fragrance, and once lit the candle smells not remotely close to what the fragrance is supposed to smell like. Not the case with these little gems.
  • Each sets contains three candles each scented around a theme such as: New Born Baby, Coffee Shop, Fall Harvest, Fresh and Clean, Happy Holidays, High As A Kite, Man Cave, Romance, Vacation, Winter Wonderland, 50 Shades, and  Spa Day a scent to capture ones attention, and bring a welcome touch to any home.
  • Old Factory Candles, are reasonably priced at $25.00 for the set, which includes three  candles and one ends up paying about $8.33  for each candle.
  • Old Factory Candles, are available for purchase at Amazon.
  • Each one of  Old Factory Candles promises 20- hours of burn time.
  • Each candle included in the set is 2 oz approximately the size of a travel candle.
Fall Harvest Candle Trio By Old Factory Candles

Old Factory Candles


Old Factory Candles Fall Harvest

Old Factory Candles Fall Harvest Packaging

What do I like about Old Factory Candles?

  • The scent of each one of these candles gives of the exact fragrance as promised by Old Factory Candles. Each scent in the “Fall Harvest” collection evokes the true fragrance of Fall. The “Pumpkin Spice” represents everything that the Fall season has to offer. Before I had even lit  the candles the fragrance consumes the room as though fresh pumpkin pies are coming out the oven. And, the “Cranberry” candle smells light fresh homemade Cranberry Sauce with a freshly made infused cranberry soda . The third candle included in the “Fall Harvest Collection” is “Autumn leaves”, and the fragrance in this candle remnants of fall leaves pile high on the front lawn awaiting dear old Dad to rake them up on Saturday while you dive right into the pile of leaves, and have a leaf fight with your closest pal and a sibling, or two.
  • I love that these candles are a convenient size where you can move them around easily to grace any room with their fabulous scents.
  • I also admire the old fashion vintage inspired packaging.
  • For me the glass jars are a plus, because they can be reused for storing afterwards,DIY projects, or whatever your mind can dream up.
Old Factory Candles Fall Harvest Set

Old Factory Candles Fall Harvest Set

I have absolutely become an instant fan of Old Factory Candles, and what their company stands for, so Amoderngirlrecommends, and Old Factory Candles, have partnered together to present one of Amoderngirlrecommends, readers/subscribers with the opportunity to win their very own Old Factory Candles Set of their choosing. So, if you all are feeling lucky just enter below.

How to enter the Old Candle Factory Candle Set Giveaway

  • Be a follower/subscriber to amoderngirlrecommends blog.
  • Like Old Factory Candles on Facebook
  • This contest is only open to  United States residents only.
  • Additional entries can be earned by following amoderngirlrecommends on Twitter and following and pinning to Pinterest, and  referring friends.
  • The more times and ways you take advantage of entering ,the higher your chances are of winning.

After you have completed all the requirements fill out entry form below and submit your entry.

And, if contests are not your forte, and you would rather just buy the product outright good news, because Old Factory Candles, can be purchased online through the retailer Amazon.

For more information about the company Old Factory Candles, and their candles, or to purchase please visit : Old Factory Candles 

DISCLAIMER:  This is a sponsored post. I have partnered with Old Factory Candles, to present Old Factory Candles  to my readers/subscribers. Please see disclaimer for further details about sponsored post. I am not being monetarily compensated for this post.

6 thoughts on “Old Factory Candles Review + Giveaway

    • You’re absolutely right they smell amazing these candles,and I must say that the ‘Pumpkin Spice’ is a favorite for me. I definitely love The whole Fall Harvest collection from Old Factory Candles they are amazing, however ‘Pumpkin Spice’ smells like a pure delight.

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