GlossyBox October 2014 Box Reveal

GlossyBox October 2014 Box Pic 7

GlossyBox October 2014 Box

A special delivery has reached my mailbox and by the title many have already guessed my GlossyBox arrived, and I am very excited to dive into October’s GlossyBox. As usual the company GlossyBox, curates some of the most establish, up to date, hot ticket, luxury beauty products, and delivers them in an even stylish way. From their fabulous packaging to the products they deliver this company takes top shelf in the presentation department. For those who are not familiar with the company GlossyBox, here’s the quick cheat sheet. GlossyBox, is a luxury beauty sample subscription company that delivers amazing brands right to your mailbox monthly as long as you are subscribed. The cost is $21.00 a month, however you receive deluxe- size samples, and occasionally full- size products. And, if that is not good enough GlossyBox, likes to drop in frequently lovely bonuses like gift cards from retailers people already know. I love GlossyBox, because it truly feels like a luxury experience being delivered to your mailbox ever month. So let’s get into my GlossyBox October 2014 Box Reveal.

October 2014 Glossybox Pic #5

GlossyBox October 2014 Box

Tarte Cosmetics Power Pigment In The Color  Flush

Tarte Cosmetics Power Pigment In The Color Flush

Tarte Cosmetics Power Pigment in the color Flush pic   #3

Tarte Cosmetics Power Pigment in the color Flush

Product 1 Tarte Cosmetics Power Pigment In The Color Flush*

Full-size $24.00

The Tarte Power Pigment in the color Flush, was one of the products that I was most excited about from the October GlossyBox. I am a huge Tarte fan. I love their products, because they are known for being natural, and include ingredients that are actually proven to be healthier for one’s skin. I love the color flush, it has a matte finish. The color is a mixture of a light raspberry and cranberry color combined. This lip tint has a mint flavor. Tarte’s Power Pigment lip tint, lasts for a long time without having to constantly reapply. I applied it and had beverages as well as meals and the color was still vibrant as though I have just applied it. A little detail about Tarte’s Power Pigment lip tint in Flush, this product is stated to be both a lip color and a  lip treatment. Tarte’s Power Pigment also contains vitamins, mint and shea butter. This was a full-size product that I was happy to receive.

Vince Camuto Amore Eau De Parfum Pic 3

Vince Camuto Amore Eau De Parfum

Product 2 Vince Camuto Amore Eau De Parfum*

Full-size $78.00

All I can say is that Vince Camuto Amore Eau De Parfum, was given the right name, because this parfum smells like Love. Vince Camuto fragrance, is absolutely sweet, but not overpowering in any way. Amore dries down to a subtle floral scent, while still trailing behind a sweet soft scent, and it’s blended together gorgeously. Besides from having a fabulous scent, again a company that knows presentation is vital for the consumer. I love the packaging and the bottle is absolutely beautiful. I have become a fan of Vince Camuto Amore. I have received comments after comments on how lovely this fragrance smells. Definitely on my shopping list.

Proganix Volume Root Boost Finish   Body Builder

Product 3 Proganix Volume Root Boost Finish + Body Builder*

Full-size $11.99

Proganix Volume Root Boost Finish and Body Builder, was a great addition to the October 2014 GlossyBox. For the month of October subscribers would all receive one of the three hair sprays from Proganix. The Volume Root Boost Finish and Body Builder, was the one I received, and it contains caffeine as well as soy proteins that Proganix, states will help infuse your hair with lift and shine.

Sesha Botanical Hydro Mask Pic 2

Product 4 Sesha Botanical Hydro Mask

Full-Size $9.00

I am really excited about trying this mask by Sesha. Facial masks treatments are one of my favourite parts of my skin care routine. I try to do two facial mask treatments weekly so the Sesha Botanical Hydro Mask, seems like it’s going to be not only relaxing, but offer great benefits. The Sesha Botanical Hydro Mask, is a detox mask that Sesha claims to offer skin-calming effects, that delivers extracts such as cucumber fruit, marigold and green tea. This mask also offers anti-inflammatory benefits.

Nails INC. Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat Pic 2

Nails INC. Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat

Product 5 Nails INC. Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat*

Full-Size $10.00

For those who are not familiar with the brand Nails INC, Nails INC is a British brand with spunk and always on trend.  This was another amazing full-size product that graced GlossyBox subscribers boxes for the month of October. I am excited about trying this matte topcoat. I personally do not wear a lot of matte polishes, however I love that this is only a topcoat, where I am able to match it up with some of my favorite nail varnishes, and give them a touch of edge.

Hello Fresh Gift Card

Product 6 Hello Fresh Gift Card

Value $40.00

And, if I thought my October GlossyBox couldn’t get any better I was wrong, because GlossyBox threw another extra log of excitement on the fire with a $40.00 gift card to Hello Fresh, you say what is Hello Fresh? well  it is a home delivery meal subscription plan. You choose your plan and they will send you all the fixings for a health conscious dinner for two to four people. Hello Fresh, includes all ingredients needed to prep the meal from the meat to the spices, vegetables, pasta, rice, and all the side dishes all you need is a plate, cutlery, and of course the pots, pans, and stove. I am definitely interested in trying this home delivery meal subscription out.

And, that was my GlossyBox October 2014 Box Reveal, I am definitely eager to sample and test all the samples a bit further, but so far I am quite please. My October GlossyBox, I felted offered head-to toe beauty, and lifestyle products that a girl can have a lot of fun getting into. And, that’s a wrap on my box reveal.

Purchasing Info

Product’s Name: GlossyBox

Available @ GlossyBox (Referral link)

Cost: $21.00 a monthly,$60.00 3-month plan(Prepaid), $115.00 6-month plan (Prepaid), and $220.00 12-month plan (Prepaid).

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