Vbeauté Rub Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator Wash

Vbeaute Rub Off bottle pic 1

I have been a fan of Vbeauté Rub Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator wash since February 2014, and I love this product for numerous reasons. One top reason is, because the product makes my skin feel incredible after every use, as well as hydrated, and leaves my skin with a healthy glow. I have used a variety of skincare products, as well as exfoliation products prior to discovering Vbeauté , and I have yet to find a product, that comes remotely close to topping this exfoliating wash, and that is why this product is on My Top Picks list. Vbeauté Rub Off , is a gentle oil- free facial exfoliation cleansing wash, that cleanses and tones your skin among other things. After my first initial use of this product I felted, that my skin looked dramatically different in a good way. The result of using Vbeauté Rub Off  left my  skin feeling and looking hydrated, and my skin definitely looked more refreshed, smoother, and noticeably radiant. I was so pleased by the results after the first use, that I purchased a full-size of Vbeauté Rub Off*. It is a rarity, that I come across a product that gives my skin immediate results, and the results were extremely rapid.

 Vbeauté Rub Off

I have heard about Vbeauté skin care line awhile ago, and I wanted  to try some of their products, however I  did not get around to purchasing  any of their products. And, when I placed an order for some beauty products I received Vbeauté Rub Off as a sample with my order. If I would have known that this product would have this much of  a positive effect on my skin, I would have ordered Vbeauté Rub Off a long time ago.

How does Vbeauté Rub Off measure up.

I have been using this product for seven months, and the results just continue getting better with every use.Vbeauté  Rub Off has made a phenomenal impression. For me I liked, that this exfoliating wash did not irritate my skin, or breakout my skin. I had  a few hormonal breakouts prior to using Vbeauté Rub Off,and after first use this product along with my other skin care regime dried those acne flare-ups out.

The quality of the product

Vbeauté Rub Off was not too abrasive for my skin. If I was asked to rate how abrasive this product was for me, I would say around medium. I would compare this exfoliating wash to an at home mirco-dermabrasion treatment, because the product left my skin very flushed after rinsing off. By the next day my skin was no longer flushed. Rub Off sloughed off dull skin, tones, and smoothed the skin. In my opinion Rub Off by Vbeauté is a top-notch quality skincare product.

Some of Vbeauté Rub Off  ingredients and product facts

 Vbeauté Rub Off is stated by the company to be a fragrance free, Paraben free, dermatologist tested, and not tested on natures little friends (animals).So, those for me are pretty good qualities to have in and behind a beauty product in my opinion. Vbeauté  Rub Off also contains Rosemary extract, as well as Alpine Rose Botanical.

Vbeauté suggest that one uses this product 2-3 times per week, or as needed. For me and my skin type, which is sensitive/dry and sometimes oily in my t-zone area I use only two times per week, however if I feel I need an extra boost of moisture I might use three times in a week.

So, that is my review on one of my all- time favorite skincare products Vbeauté Rub Off  Gentle Facial Exfoliator wash. This is a product that will continue to be a staple in my skincare regime.

Product Info

Product Name: Vbeauté Rub Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator*

Price:  0.5 fl oz  $18.00 or  3.4 fl $24.00

Available at: Beauty* or Vbeauté



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