Julep Maven August 2014 Box Review + Get Your First Box Free

Sample subscription boxes are taking their rightful place in the consumer market. Nowadays you can find a sample subscription box for almost anything you can imagine, and Julep has been a sample subscription box, that I have been subscribed to now since May of 2013. And as with many sample subscription box programs, that companies have been offering to consumers for a while they have made a few changes to their company, however still offering great benefits and discounts for their customers.

If one is unaware of the company Julep, and their wonderful Maven program, that they offer here is a quick snippet of information about  Julep’s Maven subscription service. Julep is a nail polish and beauty products online store,that also has parlors where fans of Julep and  anyone in general can make an appointment and get a manicure, as well as other services. Julep also offers to anyone who wants to build a great nail polish collection,or anyone who would like to explore the Julep line without breaking the bank.

The subscription line that Julep offers is called Julep Maven, and it is a beauty/ nail enthusiasts dream subscription service in my opinion. You get two full-size nail polishes and a new featured product every month, as long as you are subscribe to their Maven Subscription Program, and if beauty products are not your forte you can have the option of  receiving all nail polishes for your kit. The kit that contains all nail polishes is called the It Girl Maven Box.

Besides from being an elite beauty subscription service Julep, takes the idea of subscription boxes a little bit further by always including a message of inspiration to invoke movement, adventure, and a dash of empowerment with fun little quotes every month.

How does Julep Maven Subscription Program work?

Well, it is quiet easy to sign up for Julep Maven, all one has to do is log on to www.julep.com  the first box is selected by Julep and every box after you get to customize, and pick and choose whatever items and colors for that months box all for $24.99. As a Maven you receive a twenty percent discount on all polishes and free shipping without a minimum, and on select beauty products as long a you are a Maven. Polishes that are regularly price $14.00 Mavens get for $11.20. Also Julep centers their Maven boxes around different types like Bombshell, Classic With A Twist, It Girl, Boho Glam, and Modern Beauty. All prospective Mavens and current Mavens can take the style test to find their style,but don’t fret if you do not like the results, because you can retake the test, or skip it all together and pick your own style from the selection, and like ones mood change it often if you like, or remain the same.

 Now,without a further ado here is what I received in my August 2014 Julep Maven Classic With A Twist Box.

The collection named by Julep for the month of August is Wanderlust.


Julep August Maven Classic With A Twist Box

Julep’s August Maven Classic With A Twist Box

Julep Maven August 2014 Box

All products featured in the Maven box for the month of August are full – size.

Julep Maven Classic With A Twist Nail Polishes

Julep's Avni Nail Polish

Julep’s Avni Nail Polish

The first product is,this amazing metallic kind of cosmic purple color given the named Anvi. When I first seen this color in the Julep reveal, I knew I had to select the Classic With A Twist box. I think that the color Anvi, is great for the Winter, and  perfect to wrap up the Summer season with style,or perfect for anytime you want to be a little wild, playful all the while staying classy.

Julep's Queen Anne Nail Polish

Julep’s Queen Anne Nail Polish

The next item from my Julep box for the month of August, is the color Queen Anne. The color Queen Anne, is a star-dust glitter purple fusion blended nail polish,that contains flecks of purple, gold, green,red, and pink glitter. Great for a topcoat, or on its own. A great quality that I admire about Julep’s nail polishes is, that they are extremely pigmented, at least all the colors that I have received in my Maven boxes, mystery boxes, and intro box.

Julep Gel Eye Glider

Julep’s Gel Eye Glider

And last,but surely not least is the featured item in the Julep Wanderlust collection,the Gel Eye Glider in the color Smokey Purple. Julep states, that their gel eye glider does not contain parabens and is Sulfate- free. Julep’s Gel Eye Glider is stated by Julep to be a waterproof eyeliner that greets your eyes with a flawless finish. The formula creamy. The color is rich, extremely pigment, and once applied you have thirty seconds before the product dries and sets after,that Julep promises that it will not budge all day.

And, that was every product that was featured in my Julep Maven Classic With A  Twist Box for August 2014 and my review. And if any of my subscribers/readers who would like to try out  Julep’s Maven program, I have included a limited time offer link down below, where you will be able to sign up and receive your first box free, you are only responsible for paying shipping and handling,any applicable taxes, and any additional add – ons you choose.

Purchasing Info

Available at: Julep

Cost:  $24.99 per month


Disclaimer: The links that I have provided for my readers/subscribers are referral links.



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