Uber Review Is The Ride Worth It?

 Uber, is the ride worth it?

For the past few months Uber has been setting up a storm of controversy not only online, but  also through the media. I myself was aware of the somewhat new taxi/ride share service, however I did not utilize the service until the month of June, and all I have to personally say is that the quality of  service Uber offers is amazing from start to finish.

What I like about Uber?

Well, this is quiet an easy question and answer in my opinion I like Uber, because you know who your driver is before he or she arrives. With traditional taxi services when you either call or hail a cab you do not know who your driver is when you start your ride. With Uber they eliminate that suspicion, they supply each of their patrons with a photo of their driver, as well as the license plate number, make, model, and color of the vehicle, that will be picking you up through texting you before driver arrives. So, for me I happened to like this professional level of security, that Uber supplies for their customers. Many times when one books a cab one does not know who is picking them up, or are shown any credentials before you start your ride.

  • I also am  a supporter of Uber, because this company provides each of their patrons with in my opinion are unbeatable fare rates, and if that was not good enough Uber continues to discount fare rates it seems weekly.
  • Another key reason why I support Uber is, because every car that I have taken with Uber, so far has been impeccably clean. Usually when one books a traditional taxi/cab one cannot wait for the ride to be over, because a lot of cabs seems to be unkept not the case with Uber.
  • Another  plus for me is the drivers that represent uber are professional, courteous, and they do not pester their patrons with annoying talk, I mean they do engage in lite conversation,but not for the whole ride and when you exit the ride.
  • Another bonus for me  is that the drivers arrive quickly as soon as you click on the Uber app, and request your ride your driver is at your pick-up location within less than two-minutes. Sometimes and this is a rarity you might have to wait three to five minutes at the most and that only occurred one time when I booked.
  •  Another reason among many why I like Uber is, because Uber drivers do not try to stick their customers with higher fare by taking longer routes to get one to their destination, or purposely getting one stuck in traffic to make  more money. You as the customer tell your driver which is the quickest way to your destination, and your driver will take that route.
  • And here’s another great benefit of using Uber in my opinion, the ride sharing company has made taxi service more modern and convenient for their customers by taking paper cash out of the equation between driver and patron. When you book your ride, you get into the car start your ride and when you reach your destination you exit the vehicle and go about your merry way. Your ride is deducted from your credit card, or debit card that you have on file with your  Uber account. No cash at any point is exchanged between you and your driver.

 How does Uber Works ?

Now you know why I like Uber, but the question now is how the heck does it work?

The answer is very simple quiet easy. All one has to do to start a ride with Uber, is sign up for an account it is completely free.

  • First, download the Uber app at the App Store or Google Play.
  • Second, either sign up online at: www.uber.com, or  sign up through the Uber App. The sign up process is simple, quick and easy. Just enter your First and Last name, mobile phone number, Country, language, email address, create a password  and enter your credit information and presto you are done.
  • And during the registration process you will be asked if you have a promo code and if so proceed with entering it.
  • And then that’s it you hit the enter button after all required fields have been filled out, and the registration process is complete.
  • Now you are ready to ride.
  • All you have to do to book a ride is open the Uber app, and click schedule a ride, it will ask for the pickup location, or it will run location search for you and you click book ride.
  • Before you book a ride with Uber, you can also get  a fare estimate, and see all discounts so there are no surprises you pretty much know how much your ride is going to be before you even start your ride.
  • Also with Uber, they have four vehicle options to choose from to book your ride, and they are uberX, and these are the sedans and compact vehicles, the next option is uberXL, which are the SUV’s, and another option is Black Car, and  these are the town cars/ luxury vehicles. All offered at great reasonable rates.
  • Riding with a group? Uber also allows patrons to split the bill.

 Is Uber safe?

The hot topic question swirling around with the pot of controversy is safety.  And the answer to that question is who truly knows. My experience has been a great experience, but with anything step in life should be taken with caution in mind, and I don’t mean break out in a cold sweat when venturing out, but just use the given sense you were born with.If one is unsure about their driver decline the ride plain and simple. One cannot say Uber is unsafe, because of  the fact that Uber drivers can be anyone.When one takes public transportation no one knows who their drivers are. I mean I heard more news reports about troubles with unruly passengers, robberies and some people attacking other passengers and a cab driver attacked a female passenger just last year. So, one cannot just sit and say that Uber is unsafe, because they do not go through the same licensing and testing that traditional cab/taxi drivers do.

  • Uber puts each and every one of their drivers through extensive background checks.
  • Each customer knows exactly who their driver is before the driver even arrives.
  • Customers are texted drivers name, license plate number, car make, model and color, as well as a picture of their driver before arrival.
  • And if one is unhappy in anyway with their driver at the end of each ride you book with Uber, you are texted a performance review to rate your driver, and you can contact Uber with any complaints or concerns.

When I had one of my recent Uber rides, I was discussing this hot button issue with my driver, and as many people out there are all coming to the same conclusion to why is Uber, such a hot button issue right now with safety, regulations and the list goes on and on like a broken record. What it all comes down to is this is a free enterprising market, and instead of complaining about another business that is advancing with modern ideas try jumping on the train, because with the economy in the shape that it is in, and we are consistently striving to rebuild we as the consumer does not want to get taken for a ride, no pun intended. The consumer wants the best service they can get at the cheapest a company is willing to dish it. And  that’s a wrap on my review on Uber ride sharing /taxi service.

Disclaimer:  These are my own thoughts and opinions on the ride sharing company Uber. I do not work for Uber. This review was written of my own free will, and I am not being compensated by Uber, or any affiliate program. I am not being given monetary compensation as previously stated, products, benefits for creating content for this post in any way. I am a patron of the company Uber, and  beyond that relationship lies nothing more. The Uber logo image on homepage of amoderngirlrecommends, is from Softpedia found through Google image search .

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