BirchBox July 2014 Box

July 2014 BirchBox

BirchBox July 2014 Box


The month of July is quickly high tailing by, and just catching up to the month is  the arrival of my BirchBox. My mailman dropped my July 2014 BirchBox right into my mailbox and with it as usual contained products to help tackle the month, with beauty and makeup products that could possibly and hopefully leave it subscriber in complete bliss at least it does for me. So, I am going to hurry up and reveal just what I received in my July 2014 BirchBox,because August is quickly closing in and with it trailing the August BirchBox.

BirchBox Theme Card

July 2014 BirchBox Theme Power Up

For the month of  July, BirchBox has chosen the theme Power Up. BirchBox has teamed up with the longtime favorite, and one of the most respected fitness and health magazine geared towards women, the Women’s Health magazine to help create our July 2014 Box to power up.


Moving into the July BirchBox, these are the  samples that landed in my box.

BirchBox July 2014 Box Pic 3

BirchBox July 2014

Real Chemistry Luminous 3- Minute Peel

Real Chemistry Luminous 3- Minute Peel

Sample 1 Real Chemistry Luminous 3- minute peel

Value $48.00

Real Chemistry  Luminous 3- minute peel is you guessed it an acid -free peel,that promises to gently exfoliates for instantly softer, smoother, and  brighter skin. Real Chemistry Luminous 3 – minute peel, was one of the samples that I was most interested to try.I am  looking forward to testing  the product out thoroughly,however so far I am excited to give it a whirl.

Whish Shave Cream in Acai Grapefruit

Whish Shave Cream in Acai Grapefruit

Sample 2 Whish Shave Cream in Acai Grapefruit

Value $20.00

Available at  Birchbox, Anthropologie*

The  Whish shaving cream was another product I was interested in trying, and I was excited when I found out it was  included in my July 2014 BirchBox. I know that many people would probably say why the heck would anyone shovel out $20.00 for a shaving cream?.And all I can think of is why the heck not spend,or splurge on a product that can enhance your given beauty.I mean we spend $50.00 and up  on the latest makeup palette why not spend some green on our stems. I mean besides from you, no man wants to caress funky,thorn legs they want softness, not funkness. Besides from being a given necessity for the majority. I like this shaving cream, because it smells impeccably  delicious. The scent is sweet, refreshing, and fruity, and soothing all packed into one, and an added bonus is the Whish shaving creams are made with shea butter and aloe.


100% Pure Honey Cream Wash Gingerade

100% Pure Honey Cream Wash Gingerade

Sample 3  100% Pure Honey Cream Wash Gingerade Shower Gel

Value $15.00

100% Pure is a brand BirchBox has included in other boxes they had curated before, however it is was a make-up product the first time. The 100% Pure Honey Cream Wash Gingerade body wash, was the first body care item I have received from this brand. Gingerade is an all-natural foaming cleanser that is made with aloe, which many may know not only soothes, but also hydrates ones skin with continued use.100% Pure Gingerade is also stated by  the company to nourish the skin. I mean really who can argue with this sample, I feel one cannot have too many body washes. I mean you bathe daily. So, I am pretty happy about trying another beauty body care product.

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Eyeshadow Palette

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Eyeshadow Palette

Sample 4  Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Eye Palette

Value $34.00

Another fun beauty sample discovery from my July box,was this mini sample from the newest addition to the Coastal Scents line named Revealed 2. The palette has a variety of shimmer and matte shades.The palette sampler I received is named Sunset.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

Sample 5  Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream 

Value $38.00

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream is described by the brand as an antiaging multitasker that  helps combat  dark circles and wrinkles at the first signs of aging.


And that was my July 2014 BirchBox. I am definitely excited about trying all the products in the box and discovered what each product has to offer. And that’s a wrap.

P.S. did you guys all  really think that I would failed to mention the obvious change for this months BirchBox I think not. I loved the collaboration with Women’s Health Magazine and them creating such an amazing, fun, playful box from the average box that we normally receive. It was a fun welcome addition for this month and made it all the more special.

Purchasing Info

Product Name: BirchBox

Cost: $10.00 a month or $110.00 a year

Available at : BirchBox Referral Link

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    • That is really cool.I know there were so many possible variations of boxes we could end up with. It’s always exciting to see what other BirchBox subscribers get, and it is great to see that we both landed the same set of items.

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