June 2014 Favorites

Another month has come and gone,however before one can truly move forward we must step back into the past. So, let’s go back into time and see what June had that made the month so memorable with intrigue. For the month of June I was overwhelmed in a good way between the beauty samples that I had received from my beauty subscriptions all the way up to shopping beauty discoveries I had made. Further ado here’s what products that I favored for the month of June I had beauty favorites, skin care favorites, and makeup favorites.

June Faves

June 2014 Favorites

1. NYX Butter Gloss

Price $4.99 each

Available at: Target, Ulta*

The first product was from the growing popular brand NYX and these little makeup treasures are the NYX Butter Glosses. I had purchased these from Target and I had  sampled them all June. NYX  butter glosses have been setting up a storm in the blogger community and I have seen them around for a while,so I picked up a couple of staple colors and gave them a test drive. All I could say is that they are pretty impressive. They do not last all day you do have to reapply, however I have discovered they do last a little longer when you wear a lip liner underneath. The scent of each one of these butter glosses are a treat in itself. I selected  Red Velvet ,which is a deep red and smells like red candy apples. The second, one I had purchased was Tiramisu  and it is a neutral blush pink color I think great for work or casual occasions. And The third, color that I purchased was Devil’s Food and it is a blackberry color.

NYX Butter Gloss

NYX Butter Gloss


NYX Butter Gloss Pic 2

NYX Butter Gloss Red Velvet, Devil’s Food Cake, Tiramisu

 2. LAQA & Co. Lip Lube  in the color Menatour

Price $18.00

Available at: BirchBox

I received this lip lube color balm by LAQA & Co. in my June BirchBox, and it has been one of my top June makeup favorites.I like that the product applies ultra smooth and the product has a cool peppermint/spearmint flavor. LAQA & Co. Lip Lube  was extremely hydrating on my lips and the color is amazing. The color Menatour is sheer, but buildable and I feel because it is sheer, however buildable the color is suitable for many.The LAQA & Co. Lip Lube will be a yearly favorite me.

LAQA & Co. Lip Lube Menatour

LAQA & Co. Lip Lube in the color Menatour


Stephanie Johnson Mermaid Mirror

Stephanie Johnson Mermaid Round Snap Mirror

3. Stephanie Johnson Mermaid Round Snap Mirror

Price $22.00

Available at: Birchbox

The Stephanie Johnson Mermaid mirror, was included in the June Modern Mermaid Limited Edition box by BirchBox. This was one of the items that was included in the box that I was most interested in when I first spotted it in the BirchBox revealed  video, that  I had  taken an automatic fancy to. I love  the color and the convenience of having this compact mirror handy.Besides from being fashionably adorable, this mirror is so compact and slim,that it has fitted into all of my smaller purses from the evening clutch,wristlets,wallets and even fits in the pocket of my jeans.


Benefit and Bless Lovely Floral Zippered Box Pouch

Etsy Store Benefit and Bless Lovely Floral Zippered Box Pouch

4. Etsy Store/Seller Benefit and Bless Lovely Floral Zippered Box Pouch

Price $25.00

Available at: Benefit and Bless  This was the only one that was available when I purchased.

This Lovely Floral Zippered Box Pouch by Benefit and Bless has landed on my June Favorites  for many reasons, but a few top reasons why I have fallen in love with this bag is the obvious reasons. I love the pattern,the colors, and how well this cosmetic bag/pouch was made. One seriously has to tip their hat off to an individual, that can create such an amazing item  and make it seem effortless.This Lovely Floral pouch is fun and playful and very sophisticated. I fell in love with the colors and the look and feel of this pouch automatically. I also like that this pouch holds so much, and at the same time can still maintain its shape and still  be very light. I also like that this pouch is collapsible which makes it perfect I think for travel. So, not only is the bag beautiful  in looks, well made, it is suitable for travel. This Benefit and Bless Lovely Floral Zippered Box Pouch has landed and earned a well deserved spot on my favorites list. I definitely look forward to future purchases from this Etsy seller/store.  A lot times when people purchase hand-made products you find flaws, however in this case that myth was thrown way out of the window, because this item that I had purchase is not only beautifully made, but is also flawless.

Etsy Benefit and bless Lovely Floral Zippered Box Pouch

Etsy Store Benefit and Bless Lovely Floral Zippered Box Pouch

Lovely Floral Zippered Box Pouch Benefit and Bless

Etsy Store Benefit and Bless Lovely Floral Zippered Box Pouch

Caldrea No.2 Tea Olive Lime Body Wash

Caldrea No. Tea Olive Lime Body Wash

5. Caldrea No. 2 Tea Olive Lime Body Wash  

Price $18.00

Available at: Drugstore online* and  Birchbox

The Caldrea No.2 Tea Olive Lime body wash has landed on my June favorites for a couple of reasons, one is I love this product because it’s all natural, The Caldrea line is made without some of those harmful ingredients that a lot of us are trying to escape from. This body wash is also vegan and is stated by Caldrea not to contain phthalates,formaldehyde, sulfates, DEA, artificial colors, and a bonus this product is stated by Caldrea not to be tested on animals. Caldrea No. 2 Tea Olive Lime body wash is also stated by Caldrea not to contain parabens. I love the scent it is extremely refreshing and it dries down to a soft fragrance that lingers throughout the day at least it did for me. I am now a huge fan of Caldrea products and I look forward to discovering more from their line.


Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Wash

Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Wash

6. Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Wash

Price $22.95

Available at: BirchBox, Dr. Hauschka, and  SELFRIDGES & Co.*

This was an amazing sample that I received in my June 2014 BirchBox. Dr.Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body wash is a citrus and sweet overload. I mean the name says it all vitalising. It is pretty difficult for one to be exhausted after trying this body wash. I love  the fragrance and the fact that the scent lasts way after use. The scent is similar in my opinion to if you fell into a bath of fresh lemons and fresh sugar cane. This is definitely a continued repurchase. I also like how moisturizing this body wash is, because it is a cream body wash.

Julep Margaret

Julep Nail Polish in the color Margaret

7. Julep Nail Polish in the color Margaret

Price $14.00 for non- Mavens and $11.20 for Julep Mavens

Available at:  Julep

For the month of June I wore this polish by Julep  along with Ruffian Endless Love  for most of the month. The color Margaret as you can see is a  fun cross between a sky blue, baby blue, crystal ocean blue, and powder blue. This is one of my favorite polishes in general outside of June Favorites, because the color is soft, however playful and looks as though one has dipped their nails into the sky, or  island waters and emerge with this breathtaking color. The color is a cool soft color, that many could have fun rocking for the summer or in my opinion anytime of the year. The color is  extremely pigmented and one coat was great for me, however if one wanted to intensify the color two coats will suffice.

Ruffian Endless Love

Ruffian Endless Love

8. Ruffian Endless Love Nail Lacquer 

Price $11.00 also available in a  Summer Endless Love set for $26.50

Available at: BirchBox

I received this romantic playful metallic nail lacquer in my Modern Mermaid Limited Edition box, that was curated by BirchBox for the month of June. For me I knew when I seen this polish in the BirchBox revealed video for the Modern Mermaid Box, that I was instantly attracted to the color. I love this polish, because besides from drying quickly,one coat of this lacquer is all you really need. The quality is smooth and I like the finish it is not glossy, however it is not matte it is an in between finish a little bit of both.The color Endless Love in my mind is perfect for the summer and definitely for dates and nights out on the town because of its romantic feel.

kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Cream

kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream

9. kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream

Price $36.00

Available at Nordstrom*, Bloomingdales*, Dillards*, Kiehl’s and Barney’s of New York*.

Ok, I have tried many eye creams and I have been looking into this particular one by Kiehl’s for a while, and  decided to purchase last month. All I can say so far is the results have been well received. I have noticed that my under eye area is definitely visibly smoother and looks hydrated and refresh every morning since using. I mean I do not have any  major aging around my eye area,but I wanted to prep and preserve my skin.I still want to test further, and give a more detailed review later after thorough testing, however right now I plan on using this eye cream for a long time. I like the scent it’s similar to lavender along with other herbal extracts. I like how whenever I apply this eye cream  my eye area looks refreshed and feels refreshed. The Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery is to be used in the evening with one’s skin care routine.

Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap

Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap

10. Shea Terra Organics Rose Hip Black Soap

Price $16.00

Available at:Walgreens* and BirchBox

I received this soap for the first time back in my May 2014 BirchBox and at first I thought that it would be fun to try, but I was extremely cautious, because a lot of previous black soaps that  I had tried my skin had been very sensitive to. However when I used this one just off the first sample that BirchBox sent me I ordered immediately, not only was this soap gentle for my skin Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap was hydrating, exfoliating and my skin was very smooth and soft. I had actually abandon my other facial washes for the month of June to fully commit and test this product. The scent is strong, however after the first few seconds it’s not noticeable. I have become a true fan and I have added this facial wash to the collection of my staple skin care washes.

And those were my  June Favorites. A little mixture of everything not too much, but products I genuinely loved for the month of June and continue to love. A lot of products were discovered through my sample subscriptions that  I am subscribed to  and  a few products that  I researched and  discovered and that’s a wrap on June Favorites.

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