Fuji Film Instax Mini Camera

Instax mini picxc #3

Growing up I cannot remember not one person not having a Polaroid camera. Polaroid cameras were seen at barbeques, birthdays, picnics, and at every family event that I can remember .There was always family members and friends crowding around to get  their picture taken. For me as a kid when I first had my first picture taken with a Polaroid  I thought of course it was amazing and like magic. Now Fuji has helped restart the instant film camera craze again with the introduction of their Instax Mini 8 cameras. I was completely on board when I found out about the Intax Mini. I loved that they updated the idea of the instant film camera, however still maintaining old roots and at the same time added fun playful colors such as pink, blue, yellow, and white. As you all can see I purchased  the pink one and I am delighted with my decision.

Instax Mini Camera pic #1

The film for this camera develops pictures that are approximately the size of a credit card. I love the size and quality of the pictures that the Instax helps you create. Even though we have become a digital society, I still love having an actual picture to place in frames and albums. Even though you can print digital photos, I like that with the Instax mini you can have an actual photo without the long wait.The Fuji Instax Mini I think takes great instant pics that one can have for posterity.

Besides from being absolutely fashionably cute it is extremely light and easy to carry for events and parties. Some of Fuji Instax other features are  that the camera automatically helps you to determine the best level of brightness for high quality results for taking the best pictures as possible. The Instax has a built-in flash and has auto exposure with manual switching these are just a few advantages that the Fuji Instax Mini has to offer the budding photographer, the playful and the adventurous ones of all ages. Me purchasing the Instax Mini has been a great experience for me. I love the updated fun, playful and traditional feel.

So, that is my review on the Fuji Film Instax Mini 8 camera . In my opinion it is one of my Summer must haves, because its lightweight, cute and takes great pictures.  It is also on My Top Picks List.

Purchasing Info

Product Name: FujiFilm Instax Mini 8

Colors Available: Pink (also known as Pink/Rose), Blue, White, and Yellow.

Price:  $69.95

Available at: Samy’s Camera on BackOrder

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