Vintage Bee Creamed Honey with Chocolate Mint


Chocolate Mint Honey

I just recently discovered the company Vintage Bee in April, and decided to try their Creamed honey with chocolate mint this past weekend, and all I could say is that it was amazing.Vintage Bee creamed honey with Chocolate Mint is very similar to York’s Peppermint Patties. The taste of this creamed honey is sweet and refreshing. The creamed honey in this particular flavor right away you taste chocolate and mint  more so then the honey, and then the natural honey flavor creeps in with a slight after taste.Vintage Bee creamed honey is sweet, however not sugar shock sweet.For me I drizzle mine over some freshly popped Kettle Corn and it was a pure guilty snack pleasure delight.

The company Vintage Bee is family owned and located in Raleigh, North Carolina. All of Vintage Bee’s creamed honey are all natural. They are raw,pure, and not pasteurized.Vintage Bee Creamed honey with chocolate mint  in this particular flavor that I tried is made with natural cocoa, as well as with Peppermint oil. You can have many endless uses for Vintage Bee’s Creamed Honey, whether it is adding it to your tea, coffee, desserts, snacks, or for whatever sweet urge you may have. I have definitely become a fan of Vintage Bee creamed honey especially the flavor chocolate Mint.

The company Vintage Bee also offers other tantalizing flavors to indulge in for non-chocolate mint lovers, and here are some of the other flavors that they make:

* White Chocolate Almond Creamed Honey

*  Raspberry Creamed Honey

* Lemon Creamed Honey

* Hibiscus Creamed  Honey

For me I will definitely be trying more creamed honey flavors from this company. So, that is my review on Vintage Bee Creamed Honey with Chocolate Mint.I definitely like this company. I like that it is family owned and  that they have a pure and natural process of making their creamed honey. Vintage Bee is definitely educating their consumers on what good natural creamed honey is supposed to taste like, and truly just after one taste for me I am now a repeat customer.I look forward to trying more of their creamed flavored honey creations.

Purchasing Info

Product Name: Vintage Bee Chocolate Mint Creamed Honey.

Available at:  Vintage Bee, Lovewithfood

Price: $9.50 for 8 OZ  also available in minis at select retailers.

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