Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor


Hello Sailor Lipstick queen case

I discovered and purchased Lipstick Queen lipstick in the color Hello Sailor in the Spring of last year. When I had first found out that Lipstick Queen was releasing  a nautical theme lipstick I was all ears. What made me really intrigued to try Hello Sailor was its color, a beautiful  blueberry navy blue, that once it came in contact with your lips, your lips would then turn a sheer shade of blackberry or plum. A look that resembled one that had been eating blackberry pie at the annual county fair during a pie eating contest. What was  even better about Hello Sailor is that the color will look different on different people. Meaning that the color may appear lighter or brighter on one person and darker on a different person, but have no fear because Hello Sailor gives the right shade for your skin type/tone. Lipstick Queen in the color Hello Sailor cost $25.00 and is available at a number of places. I purchased mine and continue to purchase from Barney’s of New York.

Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor  Pic 2

Hello Sailor is formulated with vitamin E ,which Lipstick Queen stated  and a lot of us already know gives moisture to your lips among other benefits. Hello Sailor comes in a sleek  Sapphire metal case. I also like the scent of Hello Sailor,which to me is similar to vanilla cake or butter cream frosting it is very faint but nice.

So, that’s my thoughts and review on Lipstick Queen lipstick in the color Hello Sailor. It’s sheer, sexy and in many ways seductive, but with class and sophistication and elegance. I love this color for the Summer season, because of the color it gives to your lips. I have worn Hello Sailor on numerous occasions including for the day wear and evening wear. Causal or edgy formal. Hello Sailor is definitely one of my favorite sheer lipsticks, that I will be keeping in my makeup vault for a long time, because it’s such a playful fun color. Hello Sailor did last for awhile on my lips before I reapplied.

Purchasing Info:

Product Name:  Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor

Price: $25.00

Available at: Barney’s Of New York , Ulta , NordstromLipstick Queen Both Barney’s and Nordstrom’s offers free shipping without a minimum order.

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