TokyoMilk Dark Femme Fatale Collection Lip Elixirs


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I have an obsession with lip balms and lip treatments and TokyoMilk Dark in the scent La Vie En Rose is the latest lip balm I have added to my collection. This  is one lip balm that I will not be without  since I have discovered it. I have been researching into the brand TokyoMilk  Dark by Margot Elena for a while and decided  while shopping on Sephora’s website to add one to my cart. I am so glad I decided to be adventurous and purchase.  TokyoMilk Dark lip elixirs was only $7.00 and well worth every pretty penny.This is not your average size lip balm. TokyoMilk Dark Lip Elixirs is a great size ringing in at .70 oz/19.85 g almost the size of a blush compact. So it’s not like you are paying $7.00 for a lip balm/treatment and only being able to used it a few times.

This lip elixir is extremely hydrating, and as soon as I applied the product to my lips they felted soft, smooth, and moisturize. What was great about this lip elixir is that my pout felted that way all night into the next morning and  I only reapplied once.

 Tokyomilk dark Pic 2


TokyoMilk Dark lip Elixir is one of the most hydrating lip balms I have  invested in a while. My lips were hydrated and this product serve as a great base under my matte lipsticks and lipsticks in general. This lip elixir goes on smooth and does not leave a sticky  feeling  on my lips, and for me that is what earns this lip balm top points in my opinion. The scent  La Vie En Rose, is floral with a hint of  citrus and a subtle touch of sweet, that is the best way I can describe it . On my lips the scent is not an overpowering fragrance it has a slight sweet taste, however it is so faint you cannot barely notice it’s there. When applying this lip elixir you do smell the fragrance rose and have a slight taste of rosewater on your lips. So, if you do not like  floral fragrances this is probably not the scent for you, however TokyoMilk  Dark has non-floral-lovers covered, because they also included in their lip elixir line 5 other fragrance options that one can choose from to please your scent craving fantasy.

As I have mentioned that TokyoMilk Dark does makes a couple of other scents and I will definitely be indulging and adding more of these lip treasures to my collection. Another plus for me is that the packaging is amazing it’s very vintage-like and a little seductive. Definitely looks great on one’s vanity or dresser. So, that’s it for my review on TokyoMilk Dark Femme Fatale Lip Elixirs in La Vie En Rose No. 42. My lips and I enjoyed this product discovery. I think this lip balm will definitely  be the main lip balm I will be using for a while.

Purchasing Info

Product Name: TokyoMilk Dark Femme Fatale Collection Lip Elixir Scent La Vie En Rose No. 42.

Scent Description of Product Reviewed: Rosewater, Sweet Orange, Peach, and Tahitian Vanilla.

Other Scents Available: Salted Caramel No. 36, Clove Cigarette No.18, Coco Noir No.60, Absinthe No.84, and Cherry Bourbon.

Available at:

Price: $7.00 for .70 oz.

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