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Stella and Dot a cosmetic bag with attitude, style, and charm that is the best way I can describe this cosmetic bag. The Stella and Dot Elephant pouf has become one of my favorite makeup  bags,because of its fun playful print and its vibrant colors. This cosmetic bag also know as a pouf  makes travel fun and simple. I like that this cosmetic bag is not so large that it take up too much space in your carry-on-bag or luggage,but it’s not too small either where you can’t pack your  make-up essentials and a little something extra. Besides from being suitable for my travels this cosmetic bag is great for everyday use. I am able to put this cosmetic bag into my handbag and still have room in my purse.

The bag measures in at 3.625”h x 3.5”d. The outer design of the bag is designed with purple elephants,that surround the cosmetic bag from top to bottom. No two bags are the same due to the abstract design.  On the inside of the pouf/bag  is a contrasting orange with diamond shape design lining as well as a label that greets you with the message “Hey There Beautiful”. Stella and Dot poufs all cost the same price which is $24.00 unless stated otherwise on the Stella and Dot website.

Stella and Dot does offer amazing deals on their fashionable poufs. If you love all the patterns, don’t fret because if you buy three of  the pouf you qualify for a discount. You will save $12.00 and get all three for $60.00. So you end up paying $20.00 per pouf. A pretty tantalizing deal for a well put together cosmetic bag. I feel the quality of this cosmetic bag is amazing. The material on the outside is simple  to clean, I just wipe clean with a moist cloth. Stella and Dot is really good about getting customers orders out in a timely fashion. I placed an order on a Sunday evening and they shipped my item on the following day.

After trying the one pouf and testing the quality I was extremely happy with Stella and Dot’s merchandise. I am now a repeat customer. I have already ordered other prints of the pouf for make up organization. So, that is my review on the Stella and Dot Elephant Pouf. I saw it, I loved it,I seized it, and now I am enjoying it.

Purchase Info:

Product Name:  Stella and Dot Elephant Pouf

Available At:

Price: $24.00

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